10 Important Advance Level Coding Decoding IBPS Clerk 2017 In PDF

10 Important Advance Level Coding Decoding IBPS Clerk 2017 In PDF

IBPS clerk reasoning quiz based on the latest pattern . Advance Level Coding Decoding Quiz Ibps clerk Prelims 2017 will help you learn concepts on important topics in Reasoning – Advance Coding Decoding.

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“The meeting adjourned abruptly” is written as   “!e48”, “@h08”, “#h08”, “$d80”

“Since India gained internet” is written as   “#n63”, “-a35”, “%i24”, “%n24”

“Scientists have discovered bacteria” is written as   “*a15”, “#a63”, “&c99”, “&i99”

“Current economic scenario fine” is written as   “#c63”, “*i15”, “#c63”, “!u48”

Q1. What is the code for “gained”?

(A) %i24       (B) #n63   (C) –a35

(D) %n24     (E) none of these

Q2. What is the code for “Since meeting fine”?

(A) “*a15, !e48, *i15”    (B) “%i24, @h08, *i15”   (C) “%i24, !e48, #c63”

(D) “%i24, !e48, *i15”   (E) None of these

Q3. What is the code for “economic internet”?

(A) “#n63, #c63”    (B) “%i24, *a15”    (C) “!e48, #n63”
(D) “#c63, -a35”     (E) None of these

Ans1: (C)

Ans2: (D)

Ans3: (A)

In a certain code language,
Give solution for problem – # E4 , $R3, *M7, @N8
Pure first sale great – @E4, $T5, # T5 , *E4
Pet sensed ghostly form – *T3, $M4, @D6, # Y7
Spa guards picked flake – # S6 , *D6, $E5, @A3

Ques 4. What is the code for ‘Gross’?
(a) # S5
(b) $S3
(c) *S7
(d) # N5
(e) Cannot be determined

Ques 5. What is the code for ‘Payment’?
(a) # T4
(b) $T7
(c) *T7
(d) @N7
(e) Cannot be determined

‘Bit able chain debt’ is coded as ‘16j!’ ‘11p@’ ‘04d@’ 18r!’,

‘Mbss dry place avenues’ is coded as ‘18r$’ ‘11x@’ ‘21j*’ ‘06d*’,

‘Golder smoke end loud’ is coded as ‘08d@’ ‘01b!’ ‘14z@’ ‘11d@’,

‘Day swords word bring’ is coded as ‘05j!’ ‘19d!’ ‘00t!’ ‘21b!’

1. What is the code for the word “scary”?

a) 12c!

b) 06k!

c) 06f!

d) 20s!

e) 15p!

2. What does the code “03b@ 12d! 08j!” represents?

a) Wait for me

b) wat and hell

c) be cool friends

d) enjoy the day

e) go and fun

3. How the word “able swords” can be coded?

a) 10p@ 05j!

b) 16j! 21b!

c) 18r! 19d!

d) 04d@ 00t!

e) Cannot be determined


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