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An inspector calls PDF by J.B. Priestley – Digital version of the play.

An inspector calls PDF is digitalized version of an old English play. Nowadays, we rarely get to see any play; apparently, we have many sources of entertainment like movies, web shows, TV shows, and many more to count. But do you know the inspiration for movies or shows that we watch on television or over the web; it’s the plays performed in theatres decades ago when we didn’t have any digital or electronic media. One such interesting play is An Inspector Calls.

At present, anyone would hardly find the play being performed in theatres. Still, one can easily find the written version or a digitalized version in the form of An Inspector Calls book, easily available on the internet as An Inspector Calls PDF.

Know a little about An Inspector Calls:

J.B. Priestley was a dramatist and the person who wrote An Inspector Calls. This play is one of the best works by Priestley and among the classics of the mid-20th century. The PDF format would be the best way to know and read the play get to its characters deeply. The play was performed in 1945 in the Soviet Union and later in the same year at New Theatre in London.

This play, now available as An Inspector Calls PDF, is a play in three acts that revolves around a mysterious Inspector and an upper-middle-class family residing in a fictional town. The play has been widely addressed as a sarcastic criticism of the double standards of Victorian and Edwardian English society. It was also seen as an illustration of J.B. Priestley’s socialist and political principles. Not only over the internet but the play is also studied as one of the prescribed texts in many British schools for English Literature.

An inspector calls PDF by J.B. Priestley

Meet the interesting characters of ‘An Inspector Calls:

Before you move further to read the play with An Inspector Calls PDF version, here is a treat that can essentially help you understand the play in one go. And for understanding any drama or play, what better than knowing a little about its characters. That’s why here is a brief description of An Inspector Calls characters.

Arthur Birling

Arthur Birling, in the play, is an affluent large-bodied, and middle-aged businessman who has a family with a wife and two children. He could be seen with easy manners and provincial speech.

Mrs. Birling

Mrs. Birling, the wife of Mr. Arthur Birling, is a cold lady completely different from her socially superior husband. When the inspector was questioning, she continuously resisted Inspector’s inquiries and reminded him of Sheila’s frustration due to the Birlings’ high social status.


Sheila is the daughter of Mr. Mrs. Birling, a young girl in her early twenties who is usually excited about her life, yet she is most upset. The play begins with her engagement with Gerald Croft, her boyfriend.

Gerald Croft

Gerald is Sheila’s fiancé. In the middle of the play, Gerald admits that he had an affair with the girl about whom the investigation was happening during the questioning.


Eric is the son of Mr. Mrs. Birling, who suffers from severe drinking issues, and this sets the play as a private versus public theme.

Inspector Goole

Goole is the most important character in the play, which is allegedly a police officer who comes to investigate the involvement of the Birlings in the suicide case of a girl named Eva Smith.

Eva Smith

Eva Smith is an employee at Birling’s factory whose suicide becomes the play’s plot. She leads a group of workers on strike to demand higher wages in Mr. Birling’s factory.

There are few other characters in the play that are quite significant, and one would know it if carefully reading the An Inspector Calls PDF.

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Theme and colors of An Inspector Calls pdf:

An Inspector Calls PDF or the play An Inspector Calls does not have any individual theme. Instead, there are multiple themes in An Inspector Calls. This play has the following themes. Reading about these themes and colors can help you read the play from An Inspector Calls PDF.

Wealth, Power, and Influence

The Birlings in the play are a family with sufficient wealth and power, taking pride in their high social position. Mr. Birling is a successful businessman, and the Birlings inhabits a luxurious home with a maid and other servants. Since the beginning of the play, you will see Birlings using this power and influence throughout the play where the main character “Inspector” does his investigation work.

Blame and Responsibility

When someone reads the play in An Inspector Calls PDF, he can find that the whole play revolves around a suicide case and question asked throughout the play reflects like a blame game. The play’s arc follows the passing of the blame and the responsibility of that suicide gradually. The blame and the responsibility of suicide are shifted from Mr. Birling to Mr. Birling and Sheila together, then Mr. Birling, Sheila, and Gerald, and this passing the pass keeps on. No one in the Birling family accepts the blame or takes responsibility for that suicide case.

Public versus Private

The Inspector in the play An Inspector Calls and the play itself broadly challenge the “privacy” of the private domain by revealing the concealed actions that the family would have of as private and personal. Reveling such privacy to the public can have impacts beyond themselves and their family.

Class Politics

While reading, one can gradually see Mr. Birling doing class politics with his factory workers. He can be seen describing the politics revolving around Capital against Labour agitations. One can see him as a representative Capitalist who cares about nothing but only his company’s profit. He finds himself as a strong-headed and practical man of business who only looks forward to the prospect of being knighted.

Morality and Legality

The play An Inspector Calls debriefs how people construct, interpret, and apply their moral values concerning legality to illegality. One can depict actions that have moral consequences and can affect other people. Reading the play may raise whether measuring morality is all about legal rulings or something else?

‘An Inspector Calls’ – A movie:

This is for the people who don’t like to read books or don’t want to read An Inspector Calls PDF. In 2015, ‘An Inspector Calls’ was recreated as a movie that one can watch to replace play. As per the IMDb, the following people are An Inspector Calls cast. That means these people played the iconic characters from the play.

  • David Thewlis played The Inspector
  • Lucy Chappel played Edna
  • Miranda Richardson played Sybil Birling
  • Ken Stott played Arthur Birling
  • Finn Cole played Eric Birling
  • Chloe Pirrie played Sheila Birling
  • Sophie Rundle played Eva Smith
  • Kyle Soller played Gerald Croft
  • Flora Nicholson played Miss Francis
  • Gary Davis played Alderman Meggarty
  • Wanda Opalinska played Charity Lady

A little more of ‘An Inspector Calls:

It might not be in every An Inspector Calls PDF available on the internet, but there are some interesting facts.

  • The play was set up only two years after the First World War to give people an advantage over the family and all about post-war changes.
  • The play was written in the titanic era, and that’s why one can find references to titanic in An Inspector Calls quotes, especially in quotes by Mr. Birling.
  • The play also questions the double standards of The Edwardian Period.


It was all a brief about the play An Inspector Calls as well as the An Inspector Calls PDF. One can read the play from PDF as they are easily accessible over the internet or watch the movies made on An Inspector Calls; it’s all an individual choice.

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