Arihant Fast Track Objective Arithmetic PDF by Rajesh Verma

Arihant Fast Track Objective Arithmetic PDF by Rajesh Verma is a comprehensive book for students preparing for various competitive examinations.

This book is very good and essential for those candidates who preparing for any competitive exam like IBPS PO, SBI PO, Bank PO, RBI Bank exam, MBA, MAT, CMAT, GMAT, CAT, IIFT, IGNOU, SSC, UPSC, Inspector, Sub- Inspector, CBI, SCRA, Railway, etc.

Arihant Fast Track Objective Arithmetic PDF was designed for every kind of student because it’s written in a very simple Language.

It is the best book for building and enhancing Aptitude Skill. The book covers full syllabus of mathematics. The book is an objective type. Now, the Fast track Arithmetic book is best sellers in the market. Since its first edition come in 2012 and again it’s full revised edition comes in the market in 2023.

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Arihant Fast Track Objective Arithmetic PDF Contents:

Fast track Arithmetic book cover full syllabus and content of mathematics. The author has laid out the book in 45 chapters.Let see the contents of the book

• Number System:
Numerical, Face value and Place value of the digit in a number , Types of Number , Operations on Numbers, Divisibility test, Basic no theory.

• Number Series:
Types of Series, Type off questions asked on number Series.

• HCF and LCM:
Factors and Multiples, Least Common Multiple (LCM), Highest Common Factor(HCF,
Method to Calculate LCM and HCF of Fractions.

•Sinple and Decimal Fraction:
Simple Fraction, Decimal Fraction, Operations on Simple Fractions, Operations on Decimal Fraction, Comparison of Simple Fraction.

•Square root and Cube root:
Square, Square root, Properties of Squares and Square Roots, Cube, Properties of cube, and cube root.

•Indices and Surds:
Indices, Surds, properties of Surds, operations on Surd.

BODMAS rule, Basic Formula

A basic rule to solve the problems by Approximation

•Word Problem:
Types of word problems based on Number

Average, Properties of Average, Important Formulae Related to Average of Numbers, Average Speed.


Percentage, Formula to calculate the percentage

•Profit and Loss:
Basic Formula related to profit and loss, profit loss questions

Marked price, Basic Formula related to discount, Techniques to solve die questions

•Simple Interest & Compound Interest:
Simple Interest Formula, questions on simple interest, Installment, Compound Interest, basic Formula related to Compound Interest

• True Discount and Banker’s Discount:
The formula, basic questions related to true discount and bankers discount

• Ratio and Proportion:
Ratio, Comparison of Ratios, Proportions, basic questions related to ratio and proportion

•Mixture or Alligation:
Mixture, Alligation, Rule of Mixture or Alligation

Partnership questions, types of Partnership

•Unitary Method:
Direct Proportion, Indirect Proportion

Problems based on Ages, Important rule and Formula

•Work and Time:
Basic Formula related to work and time, questions related to work and time

•Pipes and Cisterns:
Important formula, points, questions related to pipes and Cisterns

•Speed, Time and Distance :
Basic Formula related to speed ,time and distance, questions related to speed ,time and distance

•Trains problem :
Basic rules and Formula

•Boats and Stream :
Formula , Basic rule , questions related to boat and Stream

•Skill related questions :
Games skill, Races skill, formula, basic rule

• Clock and Calendar :
Clock, Important Points Related to Clock, calender, ordinary year, leap year, odd days.

•Linear equations :
Linear Equations in One, Two and Three Variables, Methods of Solving Linear Equations, formula, basic rules

•Quadratic Equations :
The formula, Basic rule, Methods of Solving Quadratic Equations.

•Permutation and Combination :
Formula, Permutation questions, Cases of Permutation, Cases of Combination ,factorial, fundamental principal of Counting,

•Probability :
Formula , Rules , terms related to probability, event rule, yheoram related to probability

•Area and Perimeter:
Formula ,Types of question, properties of triangle , circle , rules

•Volume and Surface Area:
Volume ,Surface Area ,Cube ,Cuboid, Cylinder, Cone, Sphere,Prism ,Pyramid formula , types of Questions.badic rule

• Geometry:
Point, Line, Angle,Triangle ,Congruency of Triangles, Similarity of Triangles, Quadrilateral, Polygon, Circles, formula , basic rule ,types of questions

•Coordinate Geometry:
Rectangular Coordinate Axes, Quadrants, Distances Formula , basic rule , formula , straight line

Measurement of Angles ,Relation between Radian and Degrees, Trigonometric Ratios , Trigonometric Identities, sign of Trigonometric function, trigonometric ratio of triangle, combined angke , formula ,basic rule ,type of question.

•Hight and Distance:
Line of sight, horizontal line, Angle of elevation, angle of Depression, formula, basic rule, types of questions

• Data Table
• Pie chart
• Bar chart
• Line graph
• Mixed graph
• Data Sufficiency

Enjoy the fast track Arithmetic book and best of luck for you exam.stay well , stay safe and stay connected with us

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