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Atomic Habits pdf – Book by James Clear

It is said that ‘A successful person is a result of his good habits’. This statement holds a lot of power that many of us fail to understand completely. A person doesn’t become successful overnight; the credit goes to his hard work, patience, beliefs, and habits that have been worked on and built upon over time.

Similarly, just like success, good habits cannot be cultivated within a day, your persistence and your patience matter a lot when it comes to developing those habits permanently.

Mr James Clear has experienced, explored, and delivered the same in his book- Atomic Habits.

What are Atomic Habits pdf?

The word atomic habits is a combination of ‘atoms’ and ‘habits’.

Atoms are the smallest, undividable particle of matter that can exist, and habits are routine things we do, which have become daily.

Combining these two words, we get atomic habits which mean habits are like atoms, small, sometimes ignored, sometimes deemed as insignificant, but in reality, they have the power to make or break a human.

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About the Author – Story of his Life

Atomic Habits is written by James Clear, an author based in the United States. James was born in Hamilton, Ohio. He completed his graduation from Denison University in 2008.

James’s personal experiences and the life lessons he learnt during his hardships inspired him to write this book. A tragic incident in his childhood put him through a very difficult phase when it happened.

The Accident

When James was in high school, a baseball bat hit him in the face, which fractured his skull, shattered his eye sockets, and broke his nose. The intensity of the hit was such that his brain had begun to swell. After the first seizure, he had to be airlifted to a bigger hospital. James’s condition worsened, and he had to be put into a medically induced coma on a ventilator.

After a few weeks, James was discharged from the hospital, but his condition was still somewhat fragile. He left the hospital with a bulging eyeball, multiple facial fractures, and frequent attacks of seizure.

The Recovery

The recovery was a tough part for James. He explains that between attending all those physical therapy sessions and not being able to use his basic motor skills, he felt overwhelmed and sometimes even depressed.

Eventually, he recovered, and he decided to get back on the field, which brought back painful memories of the accident. But he had to do it; it was his professional dream he wished to achieve since a very small age. He did not have a good start, where he wasn’t chosen to play on the senior team, but the junior team instead, and when he was selected as a part of the senior team, he was just present in the team technically but was not allowed on the field.

After these tough last years of high school, the turning point in James’s life arrived when he started college. He believed it to be a new beginning and decided to start fresh.

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A New Beginning

Denison University turned out to be the biggest life-changing opportunity for James, and it was solely because he decided to make it one for himself. While his other peers used to stay up all night partying and playing video games, James decided to fix his sleep schedule and went to bed early.

He decided to focus on building his habits, even though they seemed tiny and insignificant at that point in time. But those tiny habits were the same which helped James in getting straight A’s in his test and helped him build his physical strength.  Eventually, he got back to baseball, and attained the position of the team captain, and by the end of the year he was awarded the Presidents Medal, the highest sports honour in Denison. He states that even though he never pursued his baseball career professionally, he played his fair share of games.

Between all this, James had learned about the importance of growing habits and how powerful these small habits can be.

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Atomic Habits pdf
Atomic Habits pdf

Why Atomic Habits?

In 2012, James Clear started publishing articles on his blog He started uploading articles based on his experience about habits. He wanted to share this with the public for their benefit.

By 2015, his blog reached two hundred thousand email newsletter subscribers! He got an offer from Penguin Random House for the book Atomic Habits.

By 2016, his articles were made to magazines like Forbes, Time, Entrepreneur, and his work was recommended by coaches to his players in the NFL and NBA.

By the start of 2017, he opened his academy, named Habits academy, for all those who wish to improve their habits for a better life at home and work.

And in 2018, the book Atomic Habits was published, with nearly five hundred thousand subscribers and as good as million visitors to his newsletter subscription.

James Clears Website: https:

Atomic Habits PDF Details

Book Name Atomic Habits
Authors Name James Clear
Publishers Name Penguin Random House, New York
Country of Origin The United States of America
Number of Pages 290
Size of the PDF 5.66 MB
Other books by the Author Atomic Habits Summary, Stand: No Matter What Comes
Download link of the PDF

Benefits of this book

Atomic Habits provides deep insight on the importance, usage, and scope of building good habits. It is a guide, which helps us go about disposing of bad habits and adopting new and good ones for your lifetime. The Author has written this book based on his own experiences, with the intention that we learn from his mistakes for a smoother transition of going from bad habits to developing good ones.

This book’s base is based on the 4- Step Model of Habits and the 4– Laws of Behavior which play a very significant role in the entire book. The 4- Step Model of Habits includes: Cue, Craving, Response, and Reward. He also explains the effect of internal and external stimuli.

According to Clear, “Human behaviour is always changing situation to situation, moment to moment, second to second. But this book is about what doesn’t change.”

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Atomic Habits PDF Reader Reviews

The people who have read this book have definitely reaped the benefits of reading it and are putting it to practical use. Let us look at how this book has benefitted millions around the globe!

If a book can transform anyone, this is the one. Personal experiences, backed by great examples to explain the reason why we are the way we are and practical steps to build good habits or give up bad ones, make this book the most appropriate recommendation for self-development. Buy it and read it once a year for achieving a personal peak in your life. It’s a great gift for anyone you love.” – Subramanian K.

As someone struggling with ADHD who finds it hard to keep habits and daily routines, this book has helped so much in establishing and keeping habits that would set me up towards achieving my bigger goals. It’s an easy read — it’s highly engaging, armed with realistic samples and easy-to-understand and easy-to-execute research-backed frameworks. I highly recommend this book!” – Amrei Dizon.

Atomic Habits PDF Download Link

The book also discusses various approaches and strategies for your step-by-step improvement. The perfect guide to help you with monetary issues, relationship issues, work issues.

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Q1.) What type of book is Atomic Habits?

Ans: Atomic Habits falls in the category of self-help books, which helps you mentally, to build your personality, give you solutions of life if you feel like you are stuck life, for motivation, or a plain simple directional push in life.

Q2.) What are some other self-help books?

Ans: Some self-help books which lie in the same genre as Atomic Habits are: The Intelligent Investor, Rich Dad Poor Dad, The 5a.m. Club, The Power of Habit.

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