Banking financial and economic awareness for RBI grade B

Here are some of the latest and most important objective questions for Banking financial and economic awareness for RBI grade B exam. These questions are of great importance with the viewpoint of the aspirants of banking sector exams.

Q1-Trade Adjustment Assistance is a term that is associated with:

(a) Industrialisation
(b) Globalisation
(c) Capital flow
(d) Current Account Deficit
• Correct option: (b)

Q2-The WTO was founded in Geneva in which year?

(a) 1st January, 1994
(b) 1st January, 1996
(c) 1st January, 1995
(d) 1st January, 1993
• Correct option: (c)

Q3-The income tax in India is:

(a) Direct and Proportional
(b) Indirect and Progressive
(c) Direct and Progressive
(d) Indirect and Proportional
• Correct option: (c)

Q4-India gets the largest share (55.3%) of it’s GDP from which of the following sectors according to 2019 Economic survey?

(a) Service sector
(b) Agriculture sector
(c) Industry sector
(d) None of these
• Correct option: (a)

Q5- ECOMARC Symbol is related to :

(a) Export goods
(b) Import goods
(c) Best quality goods
(d) Goods safe for environment
• Correct option: (d)

Q6-Who is the Guardian of Public Fund in India?

(a) President
(b) Prime Minister
(c) Comptroller and Auditor General
(d) Finance Minister
• Correct option: (c)

Q7-Taxes raised are credited into:

(a) Consolidated fund
(b) Contingency fund
(c) Public Accounts
(d) Private Accounts
• Correct option: (a)

Q8-Which of the following statements correctly depicts “Take off stage” in an economy?

(a) It means economy is stagnant
(b) It means steady growth begins
(c) It means all controls are removed from economy
(d) It means economy is about to collapse
• Correct option: (b)

Q9-Which of the following is an example of “Wash Sales” (mainly used in USA)?

(a) Money Laundering
(b) Estate Planning
(c) Tax Avoidance
(d) Accelerated Income recognition
• Correct option: (c)

Q10-The National Automated Clearing House (NACH) is operated by:

(a) SEBI
(b) SBI
(c) NPCI
(d) BSE
•Correct option: (c)

Q11-Surge Pricing takes place when a service provider:

(a) Raises the price of its product or service as demand outstrips supply
(b) Follows preset prices immune to demand and supply dynamics
(c) Fixes a minimum price for its service
(d) Fixes an average price on the basis of transactions carried over a day
• Correct option: (a)

Q12-The form of insurance which insures against financial loss from defects in title to real property and from the invalidity or unenforceable of mortgage loans is known as:

(a) Credit insurance
(b) Property insurance
(c) Mortgage cover
(d) Title insurance
• Correct option: (d)

Q13-What is meant by a “Bullock Capitalist”?

(a) Farmers who are poor
(b) Farmers who have some resources but are not rich
(c) Farmers who are rich
(d) Farmers who are big Zamindars
• Correct option: (b)

Q14-The RBI has constituted which committee to study various facets of household finance in India?

(a) Abhijit Sen Committee
(b) Vasudev Committee
(c) Tarun Ramadorai Committee
(d) C. B. Bhave Committee
• Correct option: (c)

Q15-Angle Tax is applicable to:

(a) Listed companies
(b) Unlisted companies
(c) Mutual funds of foreign origin
(d) Foreign institutional investors
• Correct option: (b)

Q16-Bloomberg’s Misery Index is calculated as the sum of country’s:

(a) Inflation rate and unemployment rate
(b) Inflation rate and savings rate
(c) Unemployment rate and labour force participation rate
(d) Unemployment rate and Inverse of investment rate
• Correct option: (a)

Q17-As per WTO’s agreement on Agriculture, which type of subsidy has not mention in this agreement?

(a) Green subsidies
(b) Yellow Subsidies
(c) Red subsidies
(d) Amber subsidies
• Correct option: (b)

Q18-Which of the following is issued by registered foreign portfolio investors to overseas investors who want to be part of the Indian stock market without registering themselves directly?

(a) Certificate of Deposits
(b) Commercial paper
(c) Promissory note
(d) Participatory note
• Correct option: (d)

Q19-The term “bootstrapping” is often associated with:

(a) Start-ups
(b) Mutual funds
(c) Venture capital funds
(d) Advertising agencies
• Correct option: (a)

Q20-Devaluation of currency will be more beneficial if prices of :

(a) Domestic goods remain constant
(b) Exports become constant
(c) Imports remain constant
(d) Exports rise proportionately
• Correct option: (b)

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