Top 8 Best Computer Books for Competitive Exam

As computer subjects are very important for many competitive exams, Here we are sharing the Best Computer Books for Competitive Exams. As a student, you must cover everything if you want to succeed.

There are several competitive exams available in India in different Government sectors, in which one of the main challenging matters is to cover the extensive and unknown syllabus of the different subjects to cover for the examination.

To get suggestive and fruitful guidance, if the students can follow some specific books which cover all the topics given in the syllabus, then it will be helpful for them to memorize.

List of the Top 8 Best Computer Books for Competitive Exam

Here some suggestions are listed to cover the subject: Computer.

1. Objective Computer Awareness by Arihant

We all know Arihant is one of the finest publications regarding relying on books and materials. In competitive exams, mostly MCQ-based questions are always set in every paper.

Henceforth, from this book, students will be getting the biggest help, as chapter-wise clear explanations, along with MCQ-based questions, solutions, and questions from past examinations also being provided in this book.

The book even comprises 5 practice tests that will give the students a brief idea about various exam patterns to appear confidently. Objective Computer Awareness by Arihant is one of the best book for Competitive Exam.

2. Computer Knowledge by Shikha Agarwal

The foundation of every learning is having a strong grip and understanding about the subjects. “Computer knowledge by Shikha Agarwal” never discontents to learn the basics.

This book is specially conceptualized for computer exams such as SBI, IBPS, RRB, RBI, insurance sectors, etc.

The book follows similar terminologies and bromides, which are useful for different competitive exams. The charts, graphs, and diagrams related to specific contents in the book boost the students learning systemically and improvised way.

Thirteen thousand plus multiple-choice questions, along with the solutions, are available in this book. This will help to gain knowledge accurately. This book is available on Amazon, Flipkart, and other online websites. Those who are serious about competitive exams must have this best computer book.

3. Computer Awareness (Objective with Subjective) by Soumya Ranjan Behera

One of the most reasonable and economically competitive books of all time is Computer Awareness by Soumya Ranjan Behara.

This book covers not only the objective parts but also provides an equal amount of importance in the subjective parts. Who needs to practice for college projects or any other management examinations where subjective questions are a part of this book undoubtedly is brilliant guidance.

With this computer book for competitive exams, you’ll be able to take your preparation to the next level.

4. Computer Fundamentals By P.K Sinha

This book is enormous guidance for undergraduate, postgraduate, and research people. Many students are there, keen to know the depth of any concepts; this book is always helpful in clarifying all the doubts and questions they generally have related to content.

The book covers many graphs, examples, picturization, illustration, and enormous practice sets.

While practicing and solving all the questions repeatedly, the students can gain expertise on this. P.K Sinha’s computer book for competitive exams will help you prepare for these exams at a higher level.

5. Computer Awareness – A Complete Book on Computer Aptitude for All Competitive Exams

N.K Gupta revises this book. It is useful for IBPS and SBI examinations specifically. Students who deeply desire to pursue their career in Banking and insurance domain even want to crack the exam. Also, in one go-this book is top-notch for them.

The book begins with the history of computers, conceptualizing the innovation, various components of computers, and so on. It constitutes thirteen thousand plus multiple-choice questions, thirty-plus test papers, and fifteen-plus practice sets. The solutions of the practice set are also given as a cherry on the cake.

With the guidance of experienced people from the banking domain, this book has become one of the best sellers for completive exams. It is easily available on Amazon for students.

6. Handbook of Computer Science & IT: for GATE, IES, PSU, and other competitive exams:

Apart from competitive government examinations, many more entrance examinations are conducted by different education boards.

Among them, GATE, IES, and PSU are popular among all the students. The students interested in higher studies want to pursue their career only in the Engineering domain; for them, this book is a blessing.

It is precisely formulated with the core concepts of computers and engineering. As a helping hand for engineering students, this book supports gaining knowledge of formulae and circuit diagrams of the core concepts. This computer book is only for quick multipurpose revision comprised of footnotes, key points, and formulas.

7. Computer Parikshadham Book in Hindi

This article above mentioned every book we can get in English only. However, there are a number of students who need to be proficient in English, and understanding a regional language is also effective.

This book is published mostly to grab the attention of these students so that they do not feel left out. This book is available in Hindi to boost their motivation and make everything understandable to the students. It is written in Hindi, and simple explanations are provided.

The motto of the publication of this book is to grab the students’ attention, mostly from rural sectors. The paperback is easily available on Amazon. This book proves to be a great help in railway examinations. This best computer book in Hindi can help you achieve success in competitive exams.

8. Pariksha Manthan: Computer Ek Parichay

Everybody looks for suggestive and simple concepts to memorize in a competitive examination. More than the study is required; constant & effective practice is also required to succeed. As mentioned, all those books briefly explain the subjects and concepts.

Hence, the Pariksha Manthan is calculated to form suggestively so that students are not perplexed and confused by the do’s and don’ts. The language is simple. The contents are suggestive. It comes in Hindi as well, which is a plus. This book is really popular among all the students who are preparing for competitive exams.


The 8 Best Computer Books for Competitive Exams are listed above. Aside from these 8 books, many more are available online and in bookstores depending on availability, reviews, and price.

The key to cracking competitive exams is not only constant practice, but also memorization and in-depth knowledge of the subjects.

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