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Top 10 Best English Books for Competitive Exams

Top Best English Books for Competitive Exams: If you’re preparing for a competitive exam and want to improve your language skills, consider purchasing a good English grammar book.

Our goal in this article is to provide you with a list of the best English books for competitive exams. It is crucial to have a strong English command when preparing for SSC, UPSC, Bank PO, or any other competitive examination.

There are so many people preparing for competitive examinations today. The lack of English knowledge is a major reason for only some candidates succeeding in exams. To ace your exams in style, you must master your speech, grammar, and vocabulary with the help of some special English books.

English language proficiency tests are often included in competitive exams. Grammar knowledge is essential for these exams. Studying English grammar is an important part of preparing for competitive exams. Let us know the 10 best English books for competitive exams.

List of the Best English Books for Competitive Exams

1. Word Power Made Easy by Norman Lewis:

This book is one of the best English grammar books to help students crack competitive exams. With this book, students will learn the basics of the English language, including the meanings and proper uses of words.

This book covers many grammar topics, including tenses, parts of speech, sentence construction, idioms, and phrases. This book has many explanations, examples, and exercises to help you succeed in competitive exams.

This book is highly beneficial to people who wish to learn about the usage of words in various sentences. The book is a classic and referred to by people worldwide for their common understanding and guidance for acing their exams in style. Many civil service aspirants also prefer this book.

2. High School English Grammar and Composition by Wren and Martin

The Wren and Martin book is highly recommended for UPSC CSAT, SSC, Bank PO, and many other exams. One has come across or heard the name of this book here and there while preparing for their upcoming exam.

It entails the basics of English grammar from the grassroots level for beginners and learned individuals. It mentions words with their meanings, etymology, history, and factual usage in the best way possible.

3. Objective General English by SP Bakshi

This is another most loved English grammar book by students in India. It has details regarding English grammar rules, vocabulary, and lots of exercises for checking the reader’s progress. The book has a lot of questions similar to those of competitive exams.

Hence, it is very important for proper training and measurement of one’s command of their language. SP Bakshi’s book is one of the best for various competitive exams, so buying it is a good choice.

4. English Grammar and Composition by Arihant Publications

Arihant Publications’ English Grammar and Composition is a comprehensive book that covers everything you need to know about English grammar. Candidates can improve their grammar skills by following the detailed explanations, practice exercises, and solved examples included in this book. This book provides a solid foundation in English grammar and is suitable for various competitive exams.

5. A Modern Approach To Verbal Reasoning by RS Aggarwal

A very important question assessed in competitive exams is Verbal Reasoning. This book will offer valuable insights and techniques to follow in order to crack this section of your exams. Therefore, you should study it and practice to get a good grasp of this section. RS Aggarwal’s English book is one of the best books for competitive exams such as SSC, Bank, IBPS, RRB & railways.

6. Competitive General English by Kiran Prakashan

Kiran Prakashan’s Competitive General English is among the best books for competitive exam candidates. The book covers all grammar, vocabulary, and comprehension skills necessary for competitive exams. This book includes practice exercises and the previous year’s question papers.

7. Descriptive English by SP Bakshi

The Verbal Ability section is the easiest one to clear by many, but this section is super tricky and can land you in a lot of trouble if not paid attention to. This book offers a deep analysis of Verbal Ability, and its main focus is to improve the reader’s confidence regarding the same. For cracking exams like Banking, Railways, and SSC, one must go through these books to understand the said section in competitive exams.

8. Analytical Reasoning by MK Pandey

A strong guide for cracking exams like CAT, XAT, and SNAP, this book offers an amazing explanation. The book is ideal for improving your analytical reasoning and logical reasoning skills. The trick is to use this book consistently; its exercises must be thoroughly practiced. So that the English section of your competitive exam does not face any setbacks, and you can score the highest marks in this particular section.

9. English for General Competitions: from Plinth to Paramount by Neetu Singh

The book Plinth to Paramount by Neetu Singh is widely considered to be one of the best grammar books for competitive exams.

This book provides a wide range of topics and practice tests to help readers achieve good grades on exams such as CDS and Banking. You do not have to refer to any other books since this book will surely become your best friend and mentor during your journey of cracking these exams.

It helps you master grammar rules and improve your communication skills. It includes topics like synonyms, antonyms, active and passive voices, and sentence improvement. The book also contains an extensive collection of practice exercises and previous years’ question papers so that you can familiarize yourself with the format of the competitive exam.

10. Objective English by Edgar Thorpe

The book Objective English by Edgar Thorpe is good for students who want to learn English. This English book is helpful for competitive exams. The practice questions it contains will help you prepare for the competitive exams.

Edgar Thorpe makes sure that the book is interesting, enriching, and easy to understand by one and all. All students can benefit from this English book for competitive exams. There are a variety of practice questions in it that will help you prepare for competitive exams better.

The book has detailed explanations, examples, and practice exercises to help you comprehend the concepts effectively. Additionally, it offers tips and strategies for improving your English language skills and preparing for competitive exams.

This book is super helpful as it contains many questions for understanding concepts in English grammar and vocabulary.

11. General English Book for all Competitive Examinations by SC Gupta

SC Gupta’s General English Book for Competitive Examinations covers all English language aspects required for competitive exams. The book covers grammar rules, vocabulary, and comprehension, making it a complete guide for preparing for exams. This book is a must-have to clear exams like UPSC, Banking, SSC, etc. This one surely helps you practice and get your basics right.

12. Descriptive General English by S.P. Bakshi and Richa Sharma

This book should be referred to to improve your writing skills and your descriptive English. This book should be practiced with other English grammar books to grasp your syllabus well.


When preparing for competitive exams, it is crucial to select the right grammar book. All the books mentioned in this article contain comprehensive coverage, practice exercises, and previous years’ questions. Investing time in mastering English grammar will make you much more likely to succeed in competitive exams.

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