Top 10 Best GK Books for Competitive Exams

Best Gk Books for Competitive Exams: GK is crucial for individuals trying to clear competitive exams. GK has become a compulsory subject for almost every competitive exam.

It helps to test an individual’s knowledge in various branches of studies like History, geography, economics, politics, and most importantly, current affairs.

This article suggests some of the best General knowledge books for competitive exams that will help enhance general knowledge and prepare one for various state and government examinations.

General knowledge is a very wide concept within itself; it is a vast aspect with no ending. Various authors have put up their knowledge and created many books to help us inculcate awareness and understanding teachings. 

Top 10 Best GK Books for Competitive Exams

1. Lucent’s General Knowledge With General Science 

This is the best book for competitive exams. It is the most popular book in the field of general knowledge. It is useful for students aiming to clear various competitive exams like UPSC civil services, CDS, NDA state public service commission’s exams, SSC, Railway Recruitment Board, and Reserve Bank of India(RBI) Grade A&B officers. This is one of the best gk books for competitive exams, so buy this book if you want to crack an exam.


Publication  Lucent’s publication 
Language  English
Pages 410
Price 275/-

2. Rapid Fire General Knowledge:

Rapid Fire General Knowledge is the best Gk Books for Competitive Exams. This book presents a panoramic view of India and the world.

It contains information in a detailed yet simpler manner. The explanation in this book is commendable as every topic is written in the easiest way possible so that every student can learn and understand the lessons with zero difficulty.

This book is very informative and imparts correct knowledge among students. It is the smartest way to brush up your knowledge for competitive exams.

It is helpful for various competitive exams like banking, Railways, SSC, IBPS, UPSC & many more.


Binding Paperback
Publication  Disha publications 
Genre General 
Pages 144
Price 45/-

3) General Knowledge By Arihant Experts:

General knowledge has become important in various competitive exams; general knowledge by Arihant experts contains very informative data.

It is helpful for students preparing for government exams like SSC, banking, Railways, Police & many more Exam. It contains organized and systematic data with pure facts and figures.

It provides accurate and wide coverage of facts. The aspirant should begin their preparation from this GK book if they want to succeed in competitive exams.


Publication  Arihant experts 
Author Manohar Pandey
Language  English 
Price 195/-

4) S.Chand’s Advanced Objective General Knowledge:

Reading knowledgeable books helps to teach good habits and lifelong lessons. This book is useful for a student preparing for competitive examinations like IBPS, Bank PO, clerical, specialist officers, SSC, Railway, etc.


Author Dr. R.S Agrawal
Language  English 
Pages 591
Publisher  S.chand
Price 420/-

5. WBCS General Studies Manual: 

This book helps in preliminary and main examinations. It is updated, keeping in mind the latest examination pattern.

This book is easy to understand for a student preparing for competitive exams as the language written in this is very simple, and every student can understand it easily.

This book covers the entire syllabus of the West Bengal civil services examination. To keep the content simple, it has been divided into three parts.

The first part contains preliminary and main examinations, and the second part consists of extra topics for the main examinations.

The third part is made for self-assessment and includes mock test papers. Mock test papers help to develop a practice to solve the questions. This book is revised every year. Thus, it keeps the student updated.

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6) Concise GK Manual:

This book has been among the top sellers for more than 15 years now, and it provides knowledge to students in various branches of studies like History, geography, computers, and current affairs, both national and international.

This book helps the students to score good grades in general knowledge as this subject has been given a lot of importance, which is also necessary as students need to understand what is happening around the globe. It has been published by Pearson Publications and written by Showick Thorpe.


Binding  Paperback 
Publication  Pearson publications 
Author Showick thorpe
Price 199/-
Pages 648 pages

7) General Studies-14000+ objectives:

This book contains over 14000 objectives that help improve a student’s MCQ-solving capability. This book is particularly made considering the students preparing for competitive exams like IAS, State PCS, CDS, and NDA.¬†

This book is divided into parts. For example, the history section consists of ancient, medieval, and modern History, whereas, on the other hand, when we talk about geography, it consists of topics like environment and ecology.


Binding  Paperback 
Pages 800 pages
Publication  Arihant publications 
Author Manohar Pandey
Price 440/-

8) One-Liner Approach General Knowledge:

 This book can be called as a dictionary of facts. It is useful in almost every competitive exam like banking, Railway, SSC, etc.

A wide range of good content is included in this book, like History, India after independence, computer knowledge, milestones, art and culture, the human body and health, etc. See the details of this book below:


Publisher Kiran Prakashan
Language  English 
Price 247/-

9) Mega Yearbook:

This thoroughly revised and updated book covers vast sections and provides useful knowledge. This book provides true, thus, most authentic data covering the aspects of general studies.

It was developed to meet the requirements of aspirants preparing for various competitive exams such as civil services, CUET, banks, railways, UPSC, and PSC examinations. All these exams require constant effort as they are challenging.


Binding Paperback 
Publisher Disha publications 
Pages 664 pages
Price 233/-

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10) Encyclopedia Of General Science For General Competitions:

This book is based on NCERT Science textbooks. Thus, it can be very useful for students that belong to CBSE and ICSE board. This book is useful for students who want to clear UPSC and state-level civil service examinations.

Look at the details of this book below:

Publisher Arihant publications 
Language  English 
Pages 732
Price 325/-
Binding  Paperback


These are the best GK books for competitive exams, so start your preparation by picking any book according to your exam needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1) Which is the toughest competitive exam in India?

No exams are impossible, but they can be quite challenging. The UPSC civil services exams are considered the toughest in India, but with honest and dedicated hard work, you can easily clear this exam.

Q2) How to prepare for General knowledge examinations for competitive exams?

You should build certain strategies to prepare for your General knowledge examination like:

  • You should read newspapers daily.
  • Participate in various quiz competitions relating to general knowledge.¬†
  • Read GK books.
  • Solve GK mock test papers.
  • Surf the website for additional information.
  • Make your notes.
  • Watch documentaries.

Q3) How To Improve GK Skills?

  • Reading
  • Learning about surroundings.
  • Current affairs
  • Using technology to know about concepts of GK.

Q4) How to memorize GK?

Here are some tips for memorizing general knowledge: 

1. Organize the information: Group the information into categories or themes that are easy to remember. For example, you could group historical events by period or country. 

2. Use mnemonic devices: This memory aid helps you recall information by associating it with another. For example, you could use a phrase or acronym to remember a list of facts. 

3. Repeat the information: Repetition is key to memorization. Please review the information multiple times until you can recall it easily. 

4. Practice recalling the information: Test yourself by trying to recall it without looking at your notes. 

5. Use visual aids: Visual aids can help you remember information by creating a mental image. For example, you could create a mind map or diagram to help you remember the relationships between different pieces of information.

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