Biology Questions Answers pdf for SSC CGL Exam 2018

Biology Questions Answers pdf for SSC CGL Exam 2018

Dear Readers in this article we are sharing Biology Questions Answers pdf for SSC CGL Exam 2018. Biology covers a good number of questions making it an important topic to cover in SSC Exams. Around 3-4 questions asks from Biology which surely makes it important for you to study the topic well for upcoming SSC Exams.

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1.Pulses are a rich source of which of the following?

A. Carbohydrates

B. Proteins

C. Minerals

D. Vitamin A

2. Plant cell wall is made up of –

A. Cellulose

B. Glucose

C. Sucrose

D. Fructose

3.The study of Fungi is also known as –

A. Cytology

B. Myology

C. Mycology

D. Neurology

4.The outermost layer of skin is –

A. Epidermis

B. Dermis

C. Tissues

D. Hypodermis

5._______________ is the movement of molecules across a cell membrane from a region of their lower concentration to a region of their higher concentration.

A. Diffusion

B. Osmosis

C. Active Transport

D. Passive Transport

6.Study of classification of organisms is known as __________.
A. Serpentology

B. Virology

C. Taxonomy

D. Physiology

7. Which drug is used as an Antidiabetic drug?

A. Metformin

B. Zolpidem

C. Promethazine

D. Hydralazine

8.Which of the following is a viral disease?

A. Polio

B. Tetanus

C. Leprosy

D. Plague

9. Contraction of heart is also known as –

A. Systole

B. Aristotle

C. Diastole

D. Lub

10. Azadirachta indica is the botanical name of which of the following?

A. Rose plant

B. Apple tree

C. Neem

D. Mango

10) The longest and largest bone in the human body is __.
a) Spinal Cord
b) Humerus
c) Fibula
d) Femur

11) The average weight of the human brain is __.
a) 1,500 grams
b) 1,200 grams
c) 1,400 grams
d) 1,300 grams

12) Which part of human brain is affected by alcohol?
a) Cerebrum
b) Cerebellum
c) Medulla Oblongata
d) Corpus Callosum

13) The first heart Transplantation in India was in the Year __.
a) 3rd August 1994
b) 13th August 1994
c) 3rd September 1994
d) 13th September 1994

14) The largest organ in the human body is __.
a) Gland
b) Bone
c) Skin
d) Liver

15. Weight of an animal body is mostly the weight of –
(1) Water
(2) Blood
(3) Bone
(4) Tissue

16. The number of essential amino acid found in man-
(1) 15
(2) 20
(3) 30
(4) 40

17. Myoglobine contain the metal –
(1) Copper
(2) Silver
(3) Gold
(4) Iron

18. Normal temperature of human body is –
(1) 40.5 degree Celsius
(2) 36.9 degree Celsius
(3) 9834 degree Celsius
(4) 82.4 degree Celsius

19. Blood bank of human body is –
(1) Spleen
(2) Pancrease
(3) Gall bladder
(4) None of these

20. Bile is stored in –
(1) Mouth
(2) Liver
(3)Gall bladder
(4) Stomach

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