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Blood Relations is one of the most common syllabus topics included in most of the government jobs. In this article, we are sharing a Blood Relation questions with answers pdf. Blood Relations fall in Logical Reasoning which holds about 50 marks weightage in the government examinations; such as:

  • SBI PO
  • IBPS Clerk
  • SBI Clerk
  • SBI SO
  • CAPF
  • CISF
  • Railway Recruitment Board (NTPC)
  • IBPS Regional Rural Banks (RRB)
  • Railway Recruitment Board Assistant Loco Pilot (ALP)
  • Staff Selection Commission (SSC)

Generally, blood relations questions are combined with seating/ floor arrangement.

While learning blood relations, one has to learn about the family tree, family tree diagram, blood relations coding, etc.

Some of the terminologies used in identifying the relationship are:

  • Mother’s or Father’s brother: Uncle
  • Mother’s or Father’s d sister: Aunt
  • Mother’s or Father’s father/ mother: Grandfather/ Grandmother
  • Son’s wife/ Daughter’s Husband: Daughter-in-law/ son in law
  • Husband’s or Wife’s sister: Sister in law
  • Brother’s son/ Daughter: Nephew/Niece
  • Uncle/ Aunt’s son or Daughter: Cousin
  • Sister’s Husband/ Brother’s wife: Brother-in-law/ Sister in law
  • Grandson’s or granddaughter’s son/ daughter: Great-grandson/Great-granddaughter

Blood relations topics are:

  • Jumbled descriptions
  • Relational puzzle
  • Coded relations
  • Miscellaneous questions
  1. Jumbled Descriptions:

In this topic, capable to draw a family tree will be very helpful. Here, a jumbled description will be given from which one has to decode the description to find the correct relationship using a family tree diagram.

Some of the examples of questions included in this topic are:

  • Pointing towards a portrait of a woman, Pranjit said,” she is the daughter of the only son of my father.” How is Pranjit related to that woman?
  1. Sister
  2. Brother
  3. Cousin
  4. father

Answer: d.

Imagine yourself in place of Pranjit. Now read the description, you are saying that the woman is the daughter of the only son of your father. So, the only son of your father has to be you. Now, since it is given that she is the daughter of the only son, so she has to be your daughter. So, finally, the right answer is: you are the woman’s father.

  • Nibi said to Ellina, “The boy I met the other at the mall is the oldest son of the sister in law of my friend’s father.” How is the boy related to Nibi’s friend?
  1. Friend
  2. Aunt
  3. Sister
  4. Cousin

Answer: d.

This time there is a third person in the description who is Nibi’s friend.

Now read the description carefully and start with the boy. Since it is said that the boy is the oldest son of the sister in law of a friend’s father, so there has to be a brother of the friend’s father. So, now the oldest son happens to be the son of Nibi’s friend’s father. Finally, the son indicated in the description has to be the cousin of the mentioned friend.

  • The other day, I made a phone call to my father’s brother’s oldest daughter’s daughter name ‘Saya’. How am I related to Saya?
  1. Cousin
  2. Sister
  3. Niece
  4. Daughter

Answer: c.

My father’s brother is my uncle and my father’s brother’s daughter (uncle’s daughter) will surely be my cousin. Now, my cousin’s daughter will be my niece. That’s it. Quick and Simple.

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  1. Relational Puzzle:

Here, we will questions where there will be the inclusion of more than one or two family members. Capable of drawing a family tree diagram will be a bonus in solving the questions of this section.

Some of the examples are:

  • Nisa is the daughter of Parsi’s son. Kaira is the son of Jiya whose wife is Krishna. Arun is the son of Parsi and the uncle of Kaira. Umesh is the daughter of Kaira and the granddaughter of Krishna. How is Arun related to Umesh?
  1. Granddaughter
  2. Grandson
  3. Niece
  4. Uncle

Answer: a.

Family tree diagrams are a must for solving this question and remember that the name of the character doesn’t identify whether the character is a male or a female.

Now read the question very carefully. It is given that Nisa is the daughter of Parsi’s son and it is very clearly given that Arun is the son of Parsi. So it is very clear that Nisa is the daughter of Arun. Since Arun is the uncle of Kaira, so Krishna who is Jiya’s wife has to be the sister in law of Arun. Since Umesh is the granddaughter of Krishna, Umesh also has to be the granddaughter of Arun, as Jiya (Krishna’s) and Arun are brothers.

  • How is Jiya’s wife related to Nisa?
  1. Nephew
  2. Granddaughter
  3. Niece
  4. Aunt

Answer: c.

We know it by now that Jiya’s wife is Krishna and Jiya and Arun are brothers. Since Nisa is the daughter of Arun, so Nisa will be the niece of Jiya as well as Krishna.

  • How is Umesh related to Nisa’s Grandfather?
  1. Granddaughter
  2. Father
  3. Great-granddaughter
  4. Uncle

Answer: c.

We know that Nisa’s grandfather is Parsi who is also the grandfather of Kaira. Since Kaira is the mother of Umesh, so Umesh will be the great-granddaughter of Nisa’s grandfather, Parsi.

  1. Coded relations:

Certain specific codes are used in this section to identify the relationship between family members.

Here are some examples:

  • B + Z means B is the brother of Z.
  • B – Z means B is the wife of Z.
  • A*B means A is the cousin of B.

What of the following which one means, M is the husband of N?

  • B*Z+N – M
  • M*Z – B+N
  • Z*B+M – N
  • M – N *Z+B

Answer: a.

Option a indicates that A is the cousin of B, B is the brother of N and N is the wife of M. So, clearly M has to be the husband of N.

  1. Miscellaneous questions:

It is here where blood relations are combined with directions and seating arrangements.

An example is given below:

A family of six went to a beach for vacation. They were all facing the east standing in a row.

  • Anisa, father of Nisa is standing third to the right of his wife.
  • Umesh is standing next to Sham who is the husband of Saira.
  • Sham is the brother of Nisa.
  • Anisa and Saira are immediate neighbors.
  • Saira is standing at the right end near Pranjit’s mother in law.
  • Nisa is standing third to the left of her husband
  • Pranjit is standing next to his mother in law.

How is Saira related to Pranjit?

  1. Niece
  2. Son in law
  3. Brother in law
  4. Brother

Answer:  c.

According to the fourth point, Anisa, father of two Nisa and Sham (from points 1 and 3) is near Saira who is the wife of Sham. Now, focusing on the fifth point, we know that Anisa is the mother in law of Pranjit, and Pranjit who is the husband of Nisa is now in the third position from the right.

Leaving a gap of two, Nisa is placed on the left end of the row. Next to her, Umesh is placed according to point number 1. Near Umesh, Sham is placed according to the 2 points.

So, the final row is:

From left – Nisa, Umesh, Sham, Pranjit, Anisa, Saira.

Blood relation is one of the most common sectors included in the government examination. Students should pay a keen interest in this topic.

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