Computer Awareness Pdf for SSC CGL

Dear Students, In this article we are sharing a Computer Awareness Pdf for SSC CGL. This pdf is very important for ssc & banking exams.

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This is a competitive exam is conducted in both online and offline. In this exam, there are 4 tiers and in that 1,2,4  tiers are a computer exam (online) and tier 3 is a written exam (descriptive). Here the exam is mainly conducted in online, candidates should be aware of the computer.

There are so many topics in computer to learn are Microsoft office, logic gates, the introduction of the computer, computer languages, operating systems, database management, memory storage unite, etc.

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The subjects are mainly used  in  all tiers are

  • General intelligence and reasoning
  • General awareness
  • Quantitative aptitude
  • English comprehension

The computer has a memory block which has comparable to the Si system in science. Examples of memory storage units are MB, KB, GB. On the computer, there are approximately 9000 languages but as per technology nowadays all people using popular 50 languages regularly.

There are so many programming languages on the computer. The main programming languages are

  • Functional programming language
  • Scripting programming language
  • Logic programming language
  • Object-oriented programming language
  • Procedural programming language

C, Python, Java, C++, HTML(Hypertext markup language) are the basic computer languages that should be known for all candidates who want to break this SSC CGL exam.

In the computer, the CPU is very important.CPU consists of three components

  1. ALU(Arithmetic logic unit)
  2. Registers
  3. Control unit

In computer, memory is of two types

Computer Awareness Pdf for SSC CGL
  1. Primary memory: It is of two types
  • Cache memory
  • Main memory

2.secondary memory: It consists of a magnetic disk, optical disk, flash memory.

In the computer, there are so many shortcuts by using a keyboard without the use of a touchpad. There are

  • Ctrl+W  = close the active window
  • Ctrl+Z = undo an action
  • F1 =  open help
  • F12 = save as
  • Ctrl +v =paste selected text or picture
  • Ctrl +c =copy selected text or picture
  • Window +shift+S= screenshot the image
  • Alt +right =Arrow go forward one page
  • Ctrl +S= save the document

Questions of computer awareness for the SSC CGL exam are

  1. C language is

a. Low-level language

b.Machine level language

c.Assembly level language

d.High-level language

Answer : d

2.Which of the following items is not used in Local area networks

a.Interface card




Answer: b

3. The search companion can

a.locate all files containing a specified phrase

b.restrict its search to a specified set of folders

c.locate all files containing a specified phrase and restrict its search to a specified set of  folders

Answer: a

4………… is used by public and private enterprises to publish and share financial information and industry analysts across all computer platforms and the internet

.Extensible markup language(EML)

b.Extensible business reporting language(XBRL)

c.Enterprise application integration(EAI)

d.sales force automation(SFA)

e.None of these

Answer :b

5. A data warehouse is which of the following?

a. Can be updated by the end-users

b.contains numerous naming conventions and formats

c.organised around important subject areas

d.contains only current data

e.None of these

Answer: c

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