Computer knowledge free study material pdf for SBI PO

Computer knowledge free study material pdf for SBI PO

Dear reader, I hope all of you busy in preparing for the exam. Today I have brought the computer ebook ( Computer knowledge free study material ) for you, this pdf can be beneficial for you. You can get a lot of computer knowledge from this pdf. Hopefully you will like this pdf. Computer Awareness forms a big part of General Awareness section.

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This can be helpful in boosting your Computer knowledge and, more importantly, your marks in the exam.¬†This ‚ÄėComputer Awareness E-book For Banking and Government Exams‚Äô is a comprehensive document and includes all important topics required for the computer awareness section of exams like IBPS RRB Mains, IBPS PO Mains¬†etc.¬†The questions which are asked on Computer Awareness are very easy and if you have a brief idea of how computers work ‚Äď you can score very well in the exam.

Download Computer knowledge free study material pdf for SBI PO

The earlier computers, which were massive in size,were based on vacuum tubes.
Computer is a fast and accurate electronic symbolprocessing machine that can accept, store andprocess data and can produce useful informationas output.

The computer system is divided into two parts,hardware and software. I. Hardware is the electricaland electronic components of a computer that canbe seen and touched. 2. Software is the collectionof programes written for computer to performcertain tasks.

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A computer program refers to the range ofprograms that are used to perform variousfunctions. The three important parts of a computer are Inputdevice, Central Processing Unit (CPU) and Outputdevice.Main chip of the computer is calledCPU TheCPUis the brain of the computer. Parts of CPU are ALU, CU, MU

Control Unit(CU) controls the processing of datainside computer.

Memory Unitstores data temporarily during theprocessing.

Arithmetic and Logic Unit (ALU)performs all themathematical calculations.

WINDOWS is a Software.

Windowsis an operating system that helps theuser to work on the computer.

TheMy Computerfolder on the Desktop showsthe program icons present in your computer suchas hard disk, floppy disk, CD-Rom, Pendrive andPrinter.

TheMy DocumentsFolder is a desktop folder thatstores all the documents, graphics and other files.

TheRecycle Binis a folder in which deleted filesare stores.

MS DOS, Linux, Unix, MS Windowsetc are themost popular Operating System.

My Computer, My Documents, Recycle Bin andNetwork Neighbourhoodare the common iconsfound on the Windows Desktop.

The free programs that we get from start menu iscalledAccessories

Mouseis a device for moving the cursor on thescreen of a computer.

The part of a computer that contains the screenwhere messages to and from the Central ProcessingUnit are displayed -Monitor.

Scanneris a device that converts images intodigital form so that they can be stored andmanipulated  on computer.

Early computing machines, like theENIAC, wereactually meant to assist the armed forces.

The printers in pre-1950s were punch cards.

An improvement on the ENIAC, which pioneered

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