Current Affairs Questions Answers pdf, Current Affairs Quiz

Current Affairs Questions Answers pdf, Current Affairs Quiz

In this article we are sharing  Current Affairs Questions Answers pdf this pdf can be beneficial for you. This article is very important for upcoming competitive exams in 2018. Current Affairs Quiz can be helpful in boosting your General Awareness. It will help you to the preparation of upcoming competitive examination.

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General Knowledge Questions plays an important role for Exams SSC,CGL,CHSL,BANK PO and other similar competitive exams. Take current affairs quizzes from different categories such as science & technology, national, sports etc. and check your score instantly. This will give you a fair idea about in which section you need to focus more for the upcoming competitive exams.

Current Affairs Quiz – General Knowledge Questions

Q. Recently, Exim Bank of India reached the international platform on par with which of the following large development finance institutions?
1) CDS
2) VEB
4) All the above

Q. PMFBY promotes which of the following technologies?
1) Smartphone-based android apps for Crop Cutting experiments data collection.
2) Satellites and drones for crop loss assessment, mid-season adversity, area discrepancy and post-harvest losses.Current Affairs Questions Answers pdf.
3) IT-based solutions to increase the number of insured farmers.
4) All the above

Q. Which State government has given concrete shape to the concept of river linkage and has linked Narmada and Sabarmati rivers, so that more and more farmers are benefited?
1) MP
2) Gujarat Government
3) Maharashtra
4) Goa

Q. Three Americans won the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine (2017) for their discoveries about the body’s daily rhythms, opening whole new fields of research and raising awareness about the importance of getting proper sleep. Who are the winners of this prize for isolating a gene that controls body’s normal daily biological rhythm?
1) Jeffrey C. Hall
2) Michael Rosbash
3) Michael W. Young
4) All the above

Q. The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi had announced the pan-India implementation of PMMVY w.e.f. 01st January, 2017? In the abbreviation PMMVY, the letter V stands for what ?
1) Vandana (PMMVY : Pradhan Mantri Matru Vandana Yojana)
2) Vaya
3) Value
4) Vision

Q. The Kovvada Nuclear Park project is proposed to be setup in which state ?
1) Rajasthan
2) Uttar Pradesh
3) Andhra Pradesh
4) Karnataka

Q. The initial Master Agreement on Extending Credit facility in Local Currency under the BRICS Inter bank Cooperation Mechanism had a validity of how many years? Current Affairs Questions Answers pdf.
1) 2 years
2) 5 years
3) 4 years
4) 3 years

Q. Umbrella scheme of “Modernisation of police Forces (MPF)” is for which period? Current Affairs Quiz.
1) 2017-2019
2) 2017-18 to 2019-20
3) 2020-2022
4) None of these

Q. 36th National Game will be held at –
1) Kerala
2) Karnataka
3) Telengana
4) Goa

Q. Who is the President of the Swiss Confederation ?
1) Jean Claude Juncker
2) Ms. Doris Leuthard
3) Thomas Bach
4) Asharose Migiro

Q. Shri Sunil Arora assumed charge of the which of the following ?
1) New Election Commissioner of India
2) Attorney General
3) Solicitor General
4) Advocate General

Q. Work will start on three river interlinking projects within the next three months. These include which of the following ? Current Affairs Quiz.
1) Ken-Betwa Linking Project
2) Damanganga- Pinjal Link Project
3) Par-Tapi-Narmada Link Projects
4) All the above

Q. Which of the following categories of banks are not allowed to accept deposits under ‘Pradhan Mantri, Garib Kalyan Deposit Scheme’ (PMGKDS), 2016?
1) Private Sector Banks
2) Public Sector Banks
3) Regional Rural Banks
4) Cooperative Banks

Q. The first Indian State which has recently launched its official ‘T-wallet’ offering anything anywhere platform for digital payment with an additional charge for the citizens is –
1) Chhattsgarh
2) Telangana
3) Kerala
4) Maharashtra

Q. India’s very own Global Positioning System (GPS) which is set to hit the market for public use’ in early 2018 is known as the ‘Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System’ (IRNSS). Its operational name is –

Q. India has been placed at …… place in market capitalization (map) ranking of the world.
1) 6th
2) 7th
3) 8th
4) 9th

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