Download 10000 General Knowledge Questions Answers Pdf

Download 10000 General Knowledge Questions Answers Pdf

Dear Readers, In this article, we are sharing General Knowledge Questions Answers Pdf. Start your preparation by downloading General Knowledge Questions Answers PdfGeneral Knowledge Questions is one of the basic topic asked in Exams. Basic General Knowledge will help you in scoring good marks in all the competitive exams. Candidates can simply download the General Knowledge Questions Answers. This is a question Bank For SSC,CGL,CHSL,BANK PO, and all other competitive exams. Students who are preparing for competitive exams, please download all this pdf. This section contains all the mixed topics of General knowledge Questions and Answers based on daily current affairs. General Knowledge is the important aspect for all, now every one wants to get Government Jobs. But, they have to write the written test. The written test contains General Knowledge Questions.

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Bankersway is the best place for the competitive exam aspirants. In this page, we will provide all the Current happenings, Major Issues, Top events in National as well as World level with clear explanation. So, to know the latest and current situations in the world, refer this page so that you will never miss out any latest GK 2018. This PDF includes questions on various subjects like Current Affairs, Indian and World History, Indian and World Geography, Indian Polity, Indian Economy, General Science, Environment, Disaster Management, Sports, Awards, Important Events, Books and Authors etc ( General Knowledge Questions Answers Pdf ). It will be very useful for competitive exams like UPSC Civil Services, APPSC and TSPSC Groups, SSC CGL, CHSL, IBPS PO and Clerks Exams, RRB, SBI, RBI and other competitive exams in India. All the very best for your preparations and all the future exams. This pdf can be beneficial for you. Candidates who decide to attend SSC exam need to begin their exam preparation immediately.

Some important General Knowledge Questions Answers pdf

1 Carl and the Passions changed band name to what Beach Boys
2 How many rings on the Olympic flag Five
3 What colour is vermilion a shade of Red
4 King Zog ruled which country Albania
5 What colour is Spock’s blood Green
6 Where in your body is your patella Knee ( it’s the kneecap )
7 Where can you find London bridge today USA ( Arizona )
8 What spirit is mixed with ginger beer in a Moscow mule Vodka
9 Who was the first man in space Yuri Gagarin
10 What would you do with a Yashmak Wear it – it’s an Arab veil
11 Who betrayed Jesus to the Romans Judas Escariot
12 Which animal lays eggs Duck billed platypus
13 On television what was Flipper Dolphin
14 Who’s band was The Quarrymen John Lenon
15 Which was the most successful Grand National horse General Knowledge Questions Answers Pdf Red Rum
16 Who starred as the Six Million Dollar Man Lee Majors
17 In the song Waltzing Matilda – What is a Jumbuck Sheep
18 Who was Dan Dare’s greatest enemy in the Eagle Mekon
19 What is Dick Grayson better known as Ro bin ( B at ma n a nd R o bin)
20 What was given on the fourth day of Christmas Calling birds
21 What was Skippy ( on TV ) The bush kangaroo
22 What does a funambulist do Tightrope walker
23 What is the name of Dennis the Menace’s dog Gnasher
24 What are bactrians and dromedaries Camels (one hump or two)
25 Who played The Fugitive David Jason
26 Who wrote Northanger Abbey Jayne Austin
27 Who ran through the streets naked crying Eureka Archimedes
28 Who composed the Brandeberg concertos full names General Knowledge Questions Answers Pdf Johan Sebastian Bach
29 Who won the World Series in 1987 Minnesota twins
30 What is the correct term of address to the Pope Your Holiness
31 In which city was Alexander Graham Bell born in 1847 Edinburgh
32 Who composed the ballets Sleeping Beauty and The Nutcracker Tchaikovsky
33 AG Bell opened school in Boston in 1872 for Teachers of what The Deaf
34 Benjamin Kubelsky 1894 fame as what comedian Jack Benny
35 In the Old Testament what book comes between Obadiah – Micah Jonah
36 Robin Williams dressed in drag for which 1993 film Mrs Doubtfire
37 Which chess piece could be a member of the church Bishop
38 Which German word means lightning war used in WW2 Blitzkrieg
39 Broccoli belongs to what family of plants Cabbage
40 Who designed the first Iron ship the Great Britain in 1845 I. Kingdom Brunel
41 What aid to archaeologists from 197 bc was found in Egypt 1799 Rosetta Stone
42 Which annual sporting event between 2 teams started in 1829 The University Boat Race
43 Wh o w as th e j e w elle r to th e Rus sia n Co urt f a mo us Ea ster eg gs Faberge
44 What type of food is Taramasalata Cured /smoked codroe
45 What links Samuel Delaney, Fredrick Pohl, Harlan Ellison Science Fiction
46 Randolph Crane became famous as which cowboy actor Randolph Scott
47 Ageusia is the loss of which sense Taste
48 Which Irish political parties name translates as we ourselves Sein Fein
49 Henry Ford used assembly line in 1908 but someone before 1901 Ransome Olds
50 Who performed the first heart transplant in South Africa Christian Barnard
51 In which country was Auschwitz Poland
52 What was the first British instrumental to top the USA charts Telstar by The Tornados
53 On which national flag is there an eagle and a snake Mexico
54 What group of animals would be in a clowder Cats
55 What is a Sam Browne Military belt
56 What is the chemical symbol for tungsten W
57 Who are the two most translated English writers Sh ak es p e ar e – A g ath a Christie
General Knowledge Questions Answers Pdf Download
58 Citius Altius Fortius is the motto of what organisation Olympic
59 What is the main ingredient of sauce Lyonnaise Onions
60 Who played Miss Marple in 6 films (both names) Margaret Rutherford
61 From what language does the word alphabet come Greek -alpha beta
62 In the nursery rhyme what is Fridays child Loving and Giving
63 What was the first film made in cinemascope The robe
64 Where was the battle of Hastings fought Senlac hill
65 A pearmain is what type of fruit Apple
66 What colour is the bull on an archery target Gold
67 What was the Rolling Stones first no 1 hit Its all over now
68 Name both rival gangs in West Side Story Sharks Jets
69 In golf what do the Americans call an albatross Double Eagle
70 Which classical composer wrote the Hungarian Rhapsody Franz Liszt
71 When is St Swithens day 15th July
72 What are ceps morels and chantrelles Mushrooms
73 Which part of his body did Charlie Chaplin insure Feet
74 In golf what would you put in your shag bag Practice Balls
75 A bind is a group of what type of fish Salmon
76 Which author created Fu Manchu Sax Rohmer
77 Mrs Darell Waters (translated 128 languages) pen name Edith Blyton
78 Who played the pawnbroker in the film of that name Rod Stiger
79 What was the first manufactured item to be sold on Hire Purchase Singer sewing
80 Which drink did Bach enjoy so much he wrote a cantata for it Coffee
81 Who invented the first safety razor in 1895 King Camp Gillette
82 What nationality is Thor Heyerdahl Norwegian
83 What 3 ingredients make a sidecar cocktail Brandy Cointreau Lemon juice
General Knowledge Questions Answers Pdf Download
84 A spunder or drift is the name for a group of what animals Swine
85 What is Erse Irish Gaelic language
86 On oometer measures what Birds Eggs
87 What did table tennis balls used to be made from Cork
88 If you had variola what disease have you got Smallpox
89 Which playing card is called the Curse of Scotland Nine of Diamonds
90 Which painter did Hans van Meegeren most fake Vermeer
91 Which country had the first women MPs 19 in 1907 Finland
92 In 1969 what category was added to the Nobel prizes Economics
93 In which city was Bob Hope born London (Eltham)
94 In the human body where is your occiput Back of head
95 Who wrote the Star Spangled Banner Francis Scott-key
96 Which food did Victorians deride as little bags of mystery Sausages
97 Which actor was dubbed the muscles from Brussels Je an Cla ud e V a n D a m
98 Which film star was the first to appear on a postage stamp Grace Kelly
99 What would you expect to find in a binnacle Ships compass
100 Which Hollywood star has made the cover of Life most times Elizabeth Taylor (11)


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