Download General Science MCQ Questions Answers Pdf

Download General Science MCQ Questions Answers Pdf

Dear Readers, In this article, we are sharing General Science MCQ Questions Answers Pdf. So every aspirant tries to improve their performance in competitive exams by scoring well in this topics. General Knowledge Questions on General Science and Everyday Science. Important General Science Questions and Answers for competitive exams. General Science paper is a well scoring paper of any bank exam for any post. If you have any problems, you can ask us by commenting.

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Some Imporatnt General Science MCQ Questions Answers

1. An ancient book of 1000 B.C. deals with health, hygiene, longevity etc?
A. Sushruta Samhita
B. Atatharvaveda
C. Bhela Samhita
D. Charaka Samhita
Ans. B
2. Name a concise and scientific exposition of Ayurveda in verse form. It is distinguished by its knowledge of chemical reactions and laboratory processes etc.
A. Vrdukunta
B. Vaghata
C. Kasyapa Samhita
D. None of the above
Ans. B
3. Name an ancient book which describes difficult surgical operations like opening of a brain etc.
A. Celsus
B. Bhela Samhita
C. Chivaravastu
D. Agnivesa Samhita
Ans. C
4. Which ancient book of 600 B.C. deals with paediatrics?
A. Kasyapa Samhita
B. Agnivesa Samhita
C. Bhela Samhita
D. None of the above
Ans. A

5. Each kidney is made up of a large number of excretory units called:
A. Glomerulus
B. Bowman’s Capsule
C. Nephron
D. Blood capillaries
Ans. C

6. In which of the following are the largest amounts of nitrogen excreted from a mammalian body?
A. Breath
B. Sweat
C. Urine
D. Faeces
7. The best long term solution for kidney failure is:
A. Dialysis
B. Kidney transplant
C. Both A and B
D. Only B
Ans. B
8. What types of nitrogenous wastes are excreted by living organisms?
A. Ammonia
B. Uric acid
C. Urea
D. All of the above
Ans. D

9. After wound or cut in a body blood coagulates through:
C. Platelets
D. Plasma
Ans. C
After wound or cut in a body it starts to bleed. But within few seconds or minutes blood cells start to clump together and clot, preventing the further blood loss. These clots are created by a type of blood cell called platelet.
10. When blood is forced into the artery, wave like expansion takes place is called:
A. Heart beat
B. Pulse
C. Flow
D. Ticking
Ans. B
The expansion of an artery each time the blood is forced into it is called pulse. The pulse rate of an adult person while resting is 70 to 72 per minute.

11. Which animal has three-chambered heart?
A. Pigeon
B. Lizard
C. Fish
D. Lion
Ans. B
Lizard has three-chambered heart. Except crocodilians all the reptiles have three-chambered heart. Crocodiles have four-chambered heart. Pigeons have four-chambered heart. Fish have two-chambered heart. Lion have four-chambered heart.
Birds and mammals have four chambered heart i.e. 2 atria and 2 ventricles. Three-chambered consists of 2 atria and 1 ventricle and two-chambered heart consists of 1 atria and 1 ventricle.
12. Name the blood vessel which carries blood back to the heart?
A. Vein
B. Artery
C. Capillaries
D. Platelet
Ans. A
Arteries carries blood from the heart to the body organs and veins carries blood from the body organs back to the heart.
13. Transportation of food in plants takes place through:
A. Xylem
B. Phloem
C. Companion cells
D. Tracheids
Ans B
Plants have two tissues that help in transportation. Xylem transports water and solutes from the roots to the leaves while phloem transports food from the leaves to the rest of the plant.

General Science MCQ Questions Answers Pdf – SET 2

1. Which of the following is the heaviest metal?

A. osmium

B. mercury

C. iron

D. nickel

2. Consider following statements:

I. Green chemistry focuses on effects of chemical pollutants on nature.

II. Environmental chemistry focuses on technological approach to prevent pollution.

Which statement(s) is/are correct?

A. Only I

B. Only II

C. Both I & II

D. Neither I nor II

3. Which one of the following received the Greener Reaction Conditions Award in 1996?

A. Dow Chemical

B. Exon Chemicals


D. None of these

4. Which of the following is used for clean oxidation?

A. Supercritical carbon dioxide

B. Supercritical hydrogen

C. Aqueous hydrogen peroxide

D. All of these

5. Green solvents are derived from ______.

A. Renewable resources

B. Carbon resources

C. Non-renewable resources

D. All of these

6.The atomic properties depend upon:
(a) Number of nucleons in the nucleus
(b) Number of protons in the nucleus
(c) Number of neutrons in the nucleus
(d) None of these

7. The number of neutrons and protons in the nucleus of 88Ra226 are:
(a) 138 and 88 (b) 88 and 138
(c) 226 and 88 (d) 88 and 226

8.Who was the inventor of radioactivity?

(a) Madam Curie (b) Irine Curie
(c) Henery Bacqurel (d) Rutherford

9.The penetrating power of which of the following invisible radiations emitting from the nucleus has its maximum value:
(a) a-rays (b) f)-rays
(c) y-rays (d) None of these

10. Which of the following is negatively charged?
(a) Alpha-rays (b) Beta-rays

(c) Gama-rays (d) X-ray

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