Download Vocabulary Notes pdf for SSC CGL & RRB

Download Vocabulary Notes pdf for SSC CGL & RRB

Dear Readers, In this article we are sharing Download Vocabulary Notes pdf for SSC CGL & RRB. Vocabulary is very important section for any competitive exams.

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Word : Overhaul (पूरी मरम्मत)

Example : It will be another few weeks before we can turn the key on the Bonanza’s completely overhauled engine.

Word: Obsolete (अप्रचलित)

Example : It was like many towns in that part of the country in its  poverty and obsoleteness.

Word : Vernacular – देशी भाषा

Example : Children should be taught in their vernaculars

Word : Wanton – चंचल

Example : His work is pending due to his wanton behavior.

Word : Wrinkle – झुर्री

Example : The wrinkles on her face are not visible.

Word : Grotesque- विलक्षण

Synonyms : Odd, Ugly

Antonyms Graceful, Normal

Example : His walk is very grotesque

Word : Hoax – छल

Synonyms : Trick, Cheat

Antonyms Honesty, Candor

Word : Yield – उपज

Example : The yield of kharif crops was not good this season.

Word: Outrageous (अपमानजनक)

Example : Sahara group, the Supreme court rejected  this proposal saying , “ It is quite outrageous.

Word: Offensive (आक्रामक)

Example : He says he regrets that the comment was offensive.

Word:  Pretence (दिखावा)

Example : The budget is mere pretense.

Word: Palatable – स्वादिष्ट

Synonyms: Appetising, Tasty, Pleasant

Antonyms: Detesting, Unacceptable

Example: We can add some hot spices to make the curry more palatable.

Word: Pernicious- नुक़सानदेह

Synonyms: Bad, Hurtful

Antonyms: Beneficial, Good

Example: Smoking is pernicious to health.

A narrow escape (बाल – बाल बचना )
Meaning – a situation in which you were lucky because you just managed to avoid danger or trouble
Example – He only just got out of the vehicle before the whole thing blew up. It was a narrow escape.

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