Essay on Gandhi Jayanti

Gandhi Jayanthic is celebrated on 2 October all over the country. Gandhi Jayanthi is a National Festival of India. 2 October is celebrated as a birth anniversary of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. 02 nd October haa been declared as the International Day of Non – Violence by the United Nations.

Mahatma Gandhi was born on 2 October. He was certainly the most prominent Individual in the Indian Independence Struggle. He is a Symbol of Peace and Truth. Mahatma Gandhi has honoured the title of ” Father of the Nation “. People celebrate Gandhi Jayanthi with Prayer Service , Commemorative Ceremonies and Cultural Events that are held in college , local government institutions and Socio – Political institutions.

Mahatma Gandhi favourite song Raghupati Raghav is also sung at some places. His birth anniversary is celebrated in others parts of the world too. People Honoured Gandhi Contribution towards the Indian Independence movement and his non – violent way of life. He  was led the Dandi Salt March in 1930. He launched the quit India Movement. He was also instrumental in abolishing the age – old practice of untouchability in 1942.

Every year on Mahatma Gandhi birth anniversary, his ideas are revisited by the Indians as many take pledge to follow the similar ideologic as shown by the greatest leader of masses. His Non- violent ways to protests will always be indebted forever amongst his followers and Indian Citizens across the globe.

At the age of 24, he was travelled to South Africa in order to Pursue law. At that time, he also raised his voice against racism as he himself was subjected to racial segregation system while traveling on train. He returned from South Africa in the year of 1915. After that, he became an active member of Indian National Congress and he soon became the president of Congress Party due to his efforts.
In order to spread the philosophy of Bapu, the aim of celebrating Gandhi Jayanti as a non-violence International is aimed at believing non-violence and principles throughout the world. It is celebrated by theme based on appropriate activities to raise awareness of people around the world. Mahatma Gandhi’s birth anniversary included in his memorable life of Indian independence and Gandhi, he was born in a small coastal city (Porbandar, Gujarat), Gandhi devoted his whole life to the county , which is also in the modern era.
It is one of the three national holiday of the country. To Celebrating , Gandhi Jayanti we,remember Bapu and his great deeds. Students are given many jobs like Mahatma Gandhi life and his work such as Poetry or Speech , Drama , Essay Writing , Slogan Writing , Group Discussion etc.

He  was bestowed the title of Mahatma by the greatest poet Rabindranath Tagore as he sacrified his entire life , opted for a simplest of lifestyle , gave up his career just to fight against the British Rule and achieve independence for his country and country people. He proved to the world that freedom can be achieved through the path of total Non- volience.

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