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General science pdf

General science is a major universal subject that gives you brains a grand tour of the sciences. It is kind of an enterprise that helps organize your brain in the most systematic form. It might be the oldest but is the most important discipline yet.

General science includes subjects like computer science, physics, chemistry, biology, and mathematics.

general science pdf
general science pdf

Now talking about general science, it is very important to know that, general science is not a small box where only a few subjects exist. General science is a very vast subject. It is almost impossible for a single person to cover up the entire sections of science.

To make you understand what general science means, I’ll take an example-

The conversion of milk into cheese on the addition of a few drops of lemon juice is a great example of science, it might look or sound like some kind of magic but it is science.

Importance and advantages:

Without knowledge of general science, we wouldn’t have what we have today. Science is what made the world the way it is today. Without it, men wouldn’t be able to invent electricity, which would lead to no interest or mobile.

Any work we do today would have become harder if there were no science involved in it. Curiosity is what made men lead to science.

Now, some of you might think, science is only about inventions and technology. But it is not, science is a whole lot more than that.

Everything we know about the world is all possible due to the existence of science.

The progress we see in human itself is largely rested on the advancement of sciences.

  • Students with a degree in science are usually paid higher compared to other sectors.
  • Students who are interested in science can help themselves build their careers in different sectors. For example engineering, medical, agriculture, computer scientist and so many different options are available which are usually very high paid careers.
  • Students who graduated in science subjects would ever have to stay doing nothing in life. Science teaches every student one or the other thing which the student can utilize to make a living out of it. From creating certain projects to making simple things like making candles, soaps, chalk, etc. Everywhere science is involved.
  • Science is such an amazing subject that, one who gets involved in it, turns into an open-minded person. Science makes a person more curious that helps that person to generate a leadership attitude and changes the way he observes the way of life.
  • The person who is interested in science develop certain characteristics in their behavior:
  1. Observational skills: having to do experiments and practical where the students have to carefully observe the changes in an experiment and locate the errors, makes students develop observational skills in themselves.
  2. Manipulative skills: mostly science stream students gradually learn to walk with time, as they have to do certain experiments within a short time and to handle some strangely designed apparatus smoothly.
  3. Applicative skills: talking about applicative skills, with the present-day teaching manner, most of the students irrespective of subjects are unable to use the theories in real life. This is mainly due to the teaching style which includes more bookish knowledge and less empirical knowledge or skills.

With that, I would like to point out some of the most popular techniques. There are tons of techniques for teaching science.

  • Lecture method: lecture method of teaching has been one of the oldest manners of teaching. But this method is usually used to cover up the subject matter. One of the major faults in this method is that the teacher or the lecturer is the only active participant and the students remain passive recipients which doesn’t help students much. So, this method needed an improvement which leads us to the next method.
  • Demonstrative method: Demonstrative method is like adding sound to the mute picture. This method helped the students understand the subject better as the information was shown practically now. There are points which make the demonstrative method effective:
  1. Clarity of the subject
  2. Student’s cooperative behavior with the teacher
  3. Favorable environment
  4. Interesting demonstration
  5. Regular rehearsal of experiments
  6. Proper equipment

Since we are talking so much about general science, we have to present the house of general science too.

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House of general science

It is a special house established to show love and passion for science. It is located at the Rochester Institute of Technology. The House of general science is opened for all majors. It was started by members of the Alpha Chi Sigma Chemistry Fraternity in Gibson Hall. At first, a whole single floor was devoted to chemistry but later, this idea was found to be very narrow.

So, the members later decided to branch all sciences. Some of the current members of the floor are physics, chemistry, mathematics which are of course very obvious to be a part of it. The rest are biological sciences, environmental sciences, engineering, business, and arts, imaging sciences, computing sciences, medical informatics, and many more.

In case you are wondering what imaging science is, let me define it for you.

Imaging science- It is a branch of science that is generally concerned with the generalization or the modification of included imaging things that nondetectable by the human eye.

The house of general sciences has an executive board with a huge number of committees. It also has a study lounge and a library as well.

Now let me introduce you t some of the most notable awards for contributions towards science and technology.

  • Albert Einstein’s world award of science is an international award for encouragement for scientific and technological research and development. This award is sponsored by the world cultural council.
  • Kalinga Prize is an international award sponsored by UNESCO. This award to award for presenting the exceptional scientific idea to laypeople.
  • L’Oreal – UNESCO for women in science award is another international award sponsored by L’Oreal and UNESCO for women researchers’ contributed to scientific progress.
  • Mustafa prize sponsored Mustafa science and technology foundation is an international award for top-rated innovative engineers and scientists from Islamic cooperation organization number states.

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Seeing the importance of learning science, the government should promote science as a major subject in every school or educational sectors. Knowing general science is extremely necessary for all government recruitment exams.

General knowledge is one of the sections included in the government exams and general science is a part of general knowledge. Each government exam consists of 10 to 20 marks of the general science questions.

Most of the government exams like SSC, Bank exams, railways exams too include general science questions which are most usually related to the concepts of physics, chemistry, and biology.


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