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Guest Post – Write for Us is used by various organizations to keep an open portal for guests to write in. It allows various people to come and write about various topics relating to their websites. One can freely write up there. One of the reasons for the same could be a passion for writing or gaining experience. There are numerous amount of websites available all through the net where one can write for different companies. It is called Guest Post, as the itself means that the site invites some person who can come and write a post their website.

The website provides the guests with certain guidelines. Guests can go through the guidelines and then write on the website following them. The guidelines are different from the guidelines of regular content writers who write for the website. Websites expect the Guests to contribute to high-quality work while adhering to the guidelines provided. There are various fields one can search for “Guest Post or Write for Us” like Technology, Social Media, SEO, Gaming, Entertainment, Sports, Marketing, Business, and many more.

Terms and Condition to Publish Guest Post On Bankersway

I am accepting a guest post on my site. I will give 1 do-follow backlink for 600 words article. If you want to do a guest post, you are in the right place.

  • Please do not add the link in the first paragraph of the article.
  • The article should be SEO-friendly.
  • Article Readability should be good.

We charge $35 for a guest post. if you are interested contact on Email –

What is included in Guest Post Guidelines?

  • It included the topics one can cover while writing for the website.
  • They mention that the content has to be unique and not copied from anywhere else. (Plagiarism free or copyright-free)
  • Some websites assign topics to the guests themselves.
  • To have a catching Title.
  • Word Limit for the post is mentioned
  • Language preferences that the site offers.
  • Images one should include.
  • Include catchy headlines.
  • Author Bios are asked by some websites.
  • The format the would like document should be a doc, pdf, etc.
  • Pitch in Ideas before writing content for actual website.
  • To use in SEO tools for better reach of the project.
  • Links in the document used should be valid to the content.

Things to Consider before submission of Guest Post

  • Editors Expectations

One should think from the editor’s perspective. Keeping yourself in the position of the editor and understand the quality of content you would expect. Understanding the editor’s perspective is really important as the final decision of publishing or not is in the hand of the editor.

  • Format

Finding the right format for placing your content into place is very important. One should always look for different formats possible and choose the best. Formatting of the content helps you gain the eyes of the reader.

  • Organized

Sending out the content to the editor in an organized manner. It is an aspect guests should always look forward to before sending content forward. Taking care of sending all the links needed or images needed references and the main document. All the things should be sent out in an organized manner. For example, creating a single folder for all the things needed.

  • Don’t Divert from the Topic.

While writing on the article, one should always stick to the topic. Beating around the bush will not firstly want the editor to post your article; even if that happens, gaining readers to post will be difficult. Writing everything which is relevant to the topic is a very important factor of any article.

  • Pitch the Idea

Before writing the article on any topic, the Guest should pitch the idea to the editor. They could simply write a short mail explaining their idea and get an approval for it, while writing for the pitch one should pour in all the necessary details about the article to make sure it gets an approval.

How to Find “Guest Post or Write for Us” sites

One can follow two simple steps and find various sites available for “Guest Post or Write for Us.”

  1. Searching on the Search Engine

Searching on the Search Engine is very easy; one should go and type out “Guest Post or Write for Us sites.” If you are looking forward to writing in a particular field, then you should also type out the name of the field.

  1. Looking at Blog Reach

One should always look through the reach that the blogs on the website are getting. Choosing a good website with great reach is what will help you gain reach. It also helps in seeing the viewership trust on the website. After analyzing one can simply choose a website which they find most beneficial.


“Guest Blogging or Write for Us” has gained immense popularity in today’s world. Businesses use them for many purposes, like bringing traffic to their sites, expanding their audience, gaining social media followers, and many more. It has become an essential part of businesses as it has various benefits for their company.

Today, companies almost in all fields are looking for guest bloggers. While it helps businesses, it also helps bloggers to gain a target audience by writing for big companies. One could just be passionate about writing, and the blogger can explore themselves by writing in various different fields of their interest.

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