How do prepare English for the IBPS PO exam? Tips For IBPS Exam 2018

How do prepare English for the IBPS PO exam? Tips For IBPS Exam 2020

Dear Readers, In this article we are sharing some important tips for IBPS Exam 2020. ” How do prepare English for the IBPS PO exam? “. Here are some points which I wanted to share with you all even though you know it.

1) Go through the basic rules of grammar ( preferably Arihant) because we feel that we know it very well but we make mistakes in that only and lose marks.

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2) Practice few sets and English quizzes and analyze where you are going wrong. It might be just a simple rule of grammar that we would have been missing.So we can learn from there also.
3) Inculcating reading habit is very important. You can read either English newspaper, blogs related to economy, finance or banking, or novels. This will keep you in pace and you will take less time in reading and understanding the comprehensions.

Now lets come to strategies for attempting English section. “How do prepare English for the IBPS PO exam? “

1) Always start answering with small questions like spotting errors, fillers, sentence rearrangement etc. and keep the comprehension for last as its time consuming.
2) No one can answer all the questions in English with hundred percent accuracy so attempt only those questions which you are sure about instead of making wild guesses.
3) Most of us are weak in vocabulary so don’t worry much about it, because there will be hardly 2-4 questions of that kind. You can even skip those questions.
4) While attempting fillers with two blank, there will be one blank which will be easy to identify and you can relate the second one accordingly.
5) Sometimes we face problem with sentence rearrangement also, so it’s better to identify the first and last sentence first and then arrange the remaining if you can.
6) For comprehension, go through the passage and questions simultaneously. This will help you in answering the question quickly without wasting time.

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“How do prepare English for the IBPS PO exam? ” There are other topics as well but these topics were given importance in previous year paper.

Reading Comprehension: Taking up more than one-third of the questions, reading comprehension is the most important area in the English section. Reading comprehension is mainly about your capacity to deduce something from the given piece of information and also understanding contextual meaning of words in the passage.

Phrase substitution: The first thing to do in phrase substitution is to read the sentence carefully before looking at the options. Keep in mind the meaning of the sentence, one can easily spot the correct option that will make the sentence grammatically correct and meaningful. “How do prepare English for the IBPS PO exam? “

Cloze test: No need to read the whole passage, you just need to focus on the sentences with blanks.Instead of getting confused, think of words that are appropriate not only to the given sentence but also fits the context of the entire passage.

Apart from the above important topics, there are a few topics that might appear in the exam:

Spotting error

Error finding questions

Single filler/ Double fillers

Sentence connectors

After practicing questions of these topics, start solving mock tests

This will make you familiar with the questions and increase your speed.

Hope this will help!

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