IBPS Previous Question Paper – Download PDF

In every competitive exam, it’s very necessary to know the pattern of the exam, about its sections, etc that’s why we should always solve the previous year’s question paper. So here we are with IBPS Previous Question Paper PDF download for you.

IBPS Previous year question paper will give you an insight into the important topics and also helps in managing your time in the examination.

In this article, we will provide you with the PDF which will help you to tackle this exam.

Tips On Solving The  IBPS Previous Year Question Paper :


Always solve multiple exam papers of the previous years. don’t just read it students should properly solve them.

To get familiar with the pattern students should solve the past 2-3 years of exam papers.

  • Solve It Like A Real Exam Paper

Students should attempt it like a real exam and do it in one go should not take breaks in between as it will help them in knowing their speed and managing the time.

It will give them the real exam experience and prepare well for the D-Day. Give proportionate time to each section and it will also help in developing the strategy on how to face the exam.

  • Performance Review :

After completing the paper you should always evaluate the score it will help you to find your weaknesses and strengths.

Find the sections where you are weak and practice them so you can overcome your weakness and convert them into your strengths.

You’ll also get to know in which section/question you have taken the unnecessary time and where you need to invest more time to improve your score.

  • Always Track the Changing Trends :

What type of questions are asked in the previous exams, questions from which topic has been asked more, and what is the Level of Difficulty of the questions, These types of information you should gather before the examination.

Sometimes there is a change in how the question is asked from a particular topic,

For example :

Number system and percentage questions can be asked in the form of data sufficiency and there can be no direct question from this topic.

  • Don’t rely only on Previous paper :

Don’t just sit back if you’ve done the previous paper only as sometimes pattern changes, don’t blindly rely on the previous paper as exams are unpredictable.

As per the exam pattern changed for IBPS, the Mains exam can have more difficult questions than the preliminary exam.

So be prepared.

IBPS Previous Question Paper

As a good strategy, one should always solve the previous year’s question paper as it helps in guiding you as much as an institute or a teacher.

Solving previous year exam papers also helps you in building confidence, it enhances it.


IBPS Previous Question Paper solving helps as IBPS exams are one of the Toughest Exam While Compared to Other Exams so its good to know the pattern.

Solving mock tests also helps in acing the exam as only reading and practicing the question from topics are not sufficient.

Solving IBPS Previous Question Paper Strategy :

  • By solving previous IBPS question papers you can analyze the question which is getting repeated from a particular topic so you can focus on those topics more. Also, practice different and tougher questions from that topic.
  • The skill of selecting good questions is also an important one, its not easy to achieve the IBPS cut-offs because they tend to attempt wrong questions at the beginning which consumes lots of time.
  • Attempting wrong questions may result in a very low no. of questions attempted in the examination. So to learn the Art of Time Management you have to practice more previous papers.
  • As Prelims exams are of shorter duration (1 hour) so practice lots of question paper to increase your speed with accuracy.

All the best for the preparation and the examination 🙂

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IBPS Previous Question Paper – Download PDF

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