Letter Writing Descriptive Test pdf Syndicate Bank Po 2018

Letter Writing Descriptive Test pdf Syndicate Bank Po 2020:-

Today we are here to provide you Letter Writing Descriptive Test pdf Syndicate Bank Po 2020 with important strategies to attempt Bank of Syndicate Bank Po 2020 Descriptive Paper.Often students on the lanes of preparing for bank exams, doesn’t give much attention. But remember students every phase of the exam is very important. So Don’t ignore it may trouble you.

Most Important Letter Writing of Descriptive Test

Writing skills are an important part of communication and Descriptive Test (of English Language) will test your writing skills, understanding, analysis and summering skills.Letter Writing Descriptive Test pdf Syndicate Bank Po 2020.


Letter Writing of Descriptive Test pdf Syndicate Bank Po


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Call Option: The right to buy the underlying securities at a specified
exercise price on or before a specified expiration date.
Callable Bonds: Bonds that give the issuer the right to redeem the
bonds before their stated maturity.
Capital Gain: The amount by which the proceeds from the sale of a
capital asset exceed its original purchase price.
Capital Markets: The market in which long-term securities such as
stocks and bonds are bought and sold.
Certificate of Deposits (CDs): Savings instrument in which funds must
remain on deposit for a specified period, and premature withdrawals
incur interest penalties.
Closed-end (Mutual) Fund: A fund with a fixed number of shares
issued, and all trading is done between investors in the open market.
The share prices are determined by market prices instead of their net
asset value.
Collateral: A specific asset pledged against possible default on a bond.
Mortgage bonds are backed by claims on property. Collateral trusts
bonds are backed by claims on other securities. Equipment obligation
bonds are backed by claims on equipment.
Commercial Paper: Short-term and unsecured promissory notes issued
by corporations with very high credit standings.
Common Stock: Equity investment representing ownership in a
corporation; each share represents a fractional ownership interest in the
Compound Interest: Interest paid not only on the initial deposit but also
on any interest accumulated from one period to the next.
Contract Note: A note which must accompany every security
transaction which contains information such as the dealer’s name
(whether he is acting as principal or agent) and the date of contract.

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