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Class eleventh (CBSE Board) students have Medieval India by Satish Chandra book in their syllabus. Famous author Satish Chandra has written the book under the due guidance of the CBSE board.

Writing about Indian History is a difficult task, due to a large number of happenings in the past. The author has done intense research on the subject. Thereafter provided the readers with real dealing in the history of India. Indeed, Satish Chandra has justified the history in his writing.

Reasons to study from Medieval India by Satish Chandra pdf

  • Without a doubt, the author of the book is one of the best professors of history in the country.
  • Particularly, the book has history covered from over a thousand years.
  • Without a doubt, the book has all the topics of history necessary for the reader.
  • At the same time, the topics in this book are self-explanatory and have great knowledge.
  • Also, the book includes all the details like the beginning, growth, and end of many dynasties. These dynasties include some of the most popular ones like The Marathas, The Rajputs, The Cholas, The Kings of Vijaynagara, and more.
  • Besides, the book Medieval India by Satish Chandra pdf is available free of cost online.
  • It is also available in both Hindi and English languages.
  • One can trust the book because it is taught in the CBSE board curriculum.
  • Also, many facts and details are present in it some of which are also relevant in today’s world.

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Download Medieval India by Satish Chandra pdf

Book Details of Medieval India by Satish Chandra pdf

Basic Details

  • Name – Medieval India pdf
  • Author – Satish Chandra
  • Publication – National Council of Educational Research and Training
  • No of Pages – 148
  • Language of the Book – English, and Hindi
  • Quality of the Book – Very Good
  • Format – PDF

Medieval India by Satish Chandra pdf Contents

1.Central Asian Politics and the Advance of Babur towards India:

  1. Struggle for Empire in North India (i) Afghans, Rajput’s and Mughals
  2. Struggle for Empire in North India
  3. The Establishment of the North Indian Empire
  4. Consolidation and Expansion of the Empire – Akbar
  5. State and Government under Akbar 131
  6. Akbar’s Religious Views,
  7. The Deccan and the Mughals (Up to 1657) 9. Foreign Policy of the Mughals
  8. India in the First Half of the Seventeenth Century
  9. Aurangzeb – Religious Policies. North India and the Rajput’s
  10. Climax and Crisis of the Mughal Empire the Marathas and the Deccan
  11. Society-Structure and Growth
  12. Economic Life-Patterns and Prospects
  13. Religion. Fine Arts. Science and Technology
  14. Northern India in the First Half of the Eighteenth Century 17. The Maratha Bid for Supremacy

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Besides being a book in the syllabus of eleventh (CBSE examination board) students, but, Medieval India by Satish Chandra pdf is also recommended for many preparing for competitive exams. In addition, this book is covering all the main topics. Also, it has concepts stipulating in the NCERT course and UPSC exam course.

Especially, all themes and concepts are explained clearly.  Undoubtedly, NCERT’s old history books are laying a solid foundation for all concepts.  Therefore, most of the questions raised in the competitive exams are derived entirely from old NCERT history books.

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