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Mein Kampf pdf by Adolph Hitler: A lesson in the life of the Greatest Tyrant in the World

Mein Kampf pdf is an autobiography by one of the greatest Nazi Leader Adolf Hitler. The pdf highlights the various challenges and struggles Hitler had to go through before he became a dictator. It teaches us the various aspects of Nazism. These include the likes of virulent antisemitism, a racist worldview, and a strong foreign policy aimed at securing Lebensraum in Eastern Europe.

The book deals with the ideologies of Hitler with which he was raised. It also tells its readers about the life of Hitler and his struggles in prison. It highlights Hitler’s racist ideology, which declares the need for Germans to seek living space (Lebensraum) in the East. The war was fought at the costs of  Marxists of Russia and people from the Slaves.

Mein Kampf pdf highlights the struggles and pains Hitler had gone through before he became the dictator of Germany. It portrays the whole life event of Hitler from the time he was a student till he became the leader of the Nazi Party in Germany. The book also gives you an insight into how Hitler wanted to rule Germany and the rest of the world.

About the Author 

The author of Mein Kampf pdf is Adolf Hitler. He was a German dictator who ruled over Germany from 1933 to 1945 and was an Austrian-German-born leader. Though he was not from a political background, he quickly rose through the ranks and went on to become the leader of the Nazi Party in 1933.

He was born in Linz in Austria-Hungary. And he moved to Germany in 1913. Hitler joined the German Workers’ Party (DAP) in 1919. The party was also known as the predecessor to the Nazi Party. He dictated the first volume of Mein Kampf in English, his autobiography, and his political manifesto.

Hitler became popular in 1924 by denouncing the treaty of Versailles. He promoted German philosophy.

His leadership leads to mass killing. Around 6 million Jews were killed, and the rest were sent to concentration camps. They were solely responsible for the killing of 19.3 million people. And also 28.7 million soldiers across whole Europe. The number of people murdered in World War II was unprecedented in military history, and the conflict was the worst in history.

Hitler died at the age of 56. He died due to suicide at gunpoint in Berlin in Nazi Germany. After his death, the German army fell apart and lost the war completely.

Mein Kampf pdf quotes
Mein Kampf pdf quotes

What is Mein Kampf about?

Mein Kampf pdf tells us about the details of Hitler’s political beliefs and future plans for Germany. And it also discusses the process through which he became anti-Semitic. He received a fairly lenient sentence of five years. Though he was allowed visitors at first, he went on to write this book.

He becomes interested in politics and acquires the principles that would constitute the cornerstone of his ideology during his stay in Vienna. Hitler changed his mind after reading political publications and meeting Karl Lueger, an Austrian populist and anti-Semite who helped reshape the city. Mein Kampf in English also tells us the time when Hitler joined the National Socialist Party. This party went on to be known as the Nazi Party.

The book’s first volume opens with a few pages detailing Hitler’s childhood and education. His family had to relocate multiple times due to his father’s job. After that, his father settled in Linz. Hitler was a good student in school and a great orator. But he would frequently fight with his classmates.

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Pdf Details

Pdf name:- Mein Kampf pdf (My struggle)


Pdf size:- 2.39 MB

Language:- English

Pdf category:- Ebooks and novels.


The download link for the pdf is:- 

Mein Kampf quotes

Hitler in his book, added a lot of quotes. These helped him get through the struggles which he faced in jail. Hitler explained a few quotes in the book. Here are a few quotes with their explanation which you might find fascinating.

“The art of reading and studying consists in remembering the essentials and forgetting what is not essential.” According to Mein Kampf pdf, a person who reads and studies the books understands life. If we keep proper notes and ideas of what is important to us, we save time. And also makes fewer mistakes in our life. We need to forget what is not necessary and what is for our well-being.

One of the most attractive sayings from the book was:-“Whoever wants to survive must fight.” “Anyone who does not want to battle in this world, where constant conflict is the law of existence, has no right to exist.” The quote clearly highlighted the philosophy in which Hitler believed. Mein Kampf in English, portrayed the importance of the will to fight in order to survive. This was what Hitler used as clarification for his genocide of the Jews.

“The twelve-inch shrapnel’s scream is more piercing than a thousand Jewish newspaper vipers hissing. As a result, let them continue hissing.” A quote for the Mein Kampf pdf clearly highlighted the hatred that Hitler had for the Jews. The mass killing of the Jews was an indication of his hatred. However, with different types of quotes and press releases, he made sure that his hatred was not only visible to Jews but people across the world.


Mein Kampf  Pdf will be one of the most accounted for and talked about autobiographies in the world. It showed the world the truth of Hitlers’ life and why he chose to become a leader of Germany. The book highlighted various strategies that Hitler used during the war and when he became the head of the Nazi Party. All these detailed explanations have been a lot of help to researchers and historians over the years.

The book has been one of the most purchased books for a long time. Most of the readers who are interested with wars have highly recommended the same. So if you are interested in the world was and especially in the life of one of the greatest dictators of the world, make sure you do give this a read. It is one of the best war books and is surely worth the read.

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