Mensuration SSC BANK pdf question (chsl-clerk-po exem)

Mensuration SSC BANK pdf question (chsl-clerk-po exem)

i am sharing with you question on Geometry Mensuration SSC BANK pdf question (chsl-clerk-po exem). In any exam reasoning section carries great significance. It is that section where a candidate’s general mental ability is tested.

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most expected question for Mensuration SSC BANK pdf question (chsl-clerk-po exem)

you all know that speed in calculation sets the complete base for Quantitative Aptitude section(Mensuration SSC BANK pdf question (chsl-clerk-po exem)) of various competitive exams and if you know enough Short Tricks in Quant Section.

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Data Interpretation Questions with solutions

One side of a rectangular field is 15 m and one of its diagonals is 17 m. Find the
area of the field.
a) 160 2 b) 120 2
c) 110 2
d) 130 2
e) None of these
2) The diagonals of two squares are in the ratio of 2 : 5. Find the ratio of their areas.
a) 25 : 4 b) 4 : 25 c) 10 : 1
d) 1 : 10 e) None of these
3) Find the area of a rhombus one side of which measures 20 cm and one diagonal 24
a) 375 2 b) 378 2
c) 390 2
d) 384 2
e) None of these
4) Find the area of right angled triangle whose base is 12 cm and hypotenuse 13 cm.
a) 30 2 b) 60 2
c) 70 2
d) 80 2
e) None of these
5) The length of a rectangle is 18 cm and its breadth is 10 cm. When the length is
increased to 25 cm, what will be the breadth of the rectangle if the area remains the
a) 7 cm b) 7.1 cm c) 7.2 cm
d) 7.3 cm e) None of these
6) A rectangular parking space is marked out by painting three of its sides. If the
length of the unpainted side is 9 feet, and the sum of the lengths of the painted sides
is 37 feet, then what is the area of the parking space in square feet?
a) 46 b) 81 c) 126
d) 252 e) None of these
7) The length of a rectangular hall is 5 m more than its breadth. The area of the hall is
750 2
. The length of the hall is :
a) 15 m b) 22.5 m c) 25 m
d) 30 m e) None of these
8) The cost of carpeting a room 18 m long with a carpet 75 cm wide at Rs.4.50 per
metre is Rs.810. The breadth of the room is :
a) 7 m b) 7.5 m c) 8 m
d) 8.5 m e) None of these
9) The percentage increase in the area of a rectangle, if each of its sides is increased by
20%, is :
a) 40% b) 42% c) 44%
d) 46% e) None of these

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