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Mixture and Alligation Tricks Pdf Download

Alligation means nothing but the process or rule for the solution of problems concerning the compounding or mixing of ingredients which has a difference in price and quality. In this article, we are sharing the Mixture and Alligation Tricks Pdf. Alligation is a process that is important to crack competitive exams in a simple way.

There are two types of alligation. They are

  1. Alligation Medical -This method is used to find the quantity of mixture given the quantities of its ingredients.
  2. Alligation  Alternate -This method is used to find the amount of each ingredients needed to make a mixture of a given quantity.

Alligation is also called as rules of mixture. There are so many words related to alligation are assertion,affirmation,charge,accusation,averment,statement etc.


  • The rule of alligation states that “When different quantities of different ingredients are mixed together to produce a mixture of a mean value,the ratio of their quantities is inversely proportional to the difference in their cost from the mean value”.


This rule is very important while doing alligation problems.

  • The formula which is used to determine the alligation is

Quantity of cheaper/Quantity of dearer =CP of Dearer -Mean price / Mean price – CP of cheaper

CP = Cost price and the basic formula which is used in alligation is

Quantity of cheaper :Quantity of dearer = d-m :m-c

Here d =cost price of dearer substance ;c= cost price of cheaper substance ;m=mean price

Mean price is the cost of a unit quantity of the mixture.

Mixture is of two types  are 1. simple mixture and 2.compound mixture . When two different ingredients are mixed together is called simple mixture.When two or more ingredients are mixed together to form another mixture is called compound mixture.

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Alligation is the faster technique to solve questions in easy way. Alligation literally means combining or linking.

Tips and tricks of alligation :

  • Please check time while doing solutions because it takes so much time to some problems and practice well to overcome it .
  • Read question carefully and try to place values in alligation rule to solve question.

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I will explain one example to understand easily

Question 1 .The cost of two types of pulses  Rs 40 and Rs 60 per kg,respectively.If both the pulses are mixed together in the ratio 4:5,then what should be the price of mixed variety pulses per kg?

a.Rs 60 per kg

b.Rs 51.1 per kg

c.Rs 49 per kg

d.Rs 50.34 per kg

Answer: (b) Rs 51.1 per kg

Solution: Let the cost of mixed variety of pulse be Rs.x

As per the alligation rule


4x+5x =300+160



Question 2 .A container contains 40 litres of milk .From this container ,4 litres of milk taken out and replaced by water .This process was repeated further two times. How much milk is now contained by the container.

a.26.34 litres

b.27.36 litres

c.30 litres

d.29.16 litres

e.None of these

Answer :d

Problems of alligation and mixture are frequently asked in competitive exams in aptitude section.

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