Most Important General Science Questions PDF RRB ALP

Most Important General Science Questions PDF RRB ALP

Dear Readers, In this article, we are sharing Most Important General Science Questions PDF RRB ALP. So every aspirant tries to improve their performance in competitive exams by scoring well in this topics.  According to the RRB ALP Previous year papers, Science section plays an important role in your in the selection.  According to the feedback of the students in  previous years, Science section was difficult for them. To help you and make this section easier for you, We have compiled most important General Science Questions for RRB ALP & Group D in PDF.

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1.What is the value of knee voltage of silicon diode?
1) 0.3 V 2) 0.33 V 3) 0.7 V 4) 1.1 V
2. There is 20 volt across the inductor and 15 volt across the resistance in the a.c. supplied series
R-L circuit. What would be the supply voltage?
1) 20 volt 2) 15 volt 3)25 volt 4) 17.5 volt
3. A transformer mainly transforms————-
1) Current 2) Voltage 3) Frequency 4) Power
4. What is the power factor of a pure resistor circuit?
1) One 2) Zero 3) Leading 4) Lagging
5. Which of the following instruments is most accurate?
1) Vertical caliper 2) Manometric screw gauge3) Optical projector 4) Mechanical comparator
6. There are rings around which of the following planets?
1) Uranus 2) mars 3) Jupiter 4) Saturn
7.—————is used to heat the non-conductors.
1) Eddy current heating 2) Arc heating 3) Induction heating 4) Dielectric heating
8. What is the S.I. Unit of magnetic flux density?
1) Gauss 2) Tesla 3) Oersted 4) Weber
9. Which type of oscillator is most stable in simple circuit?
1) Crystalline oscillator 2) Clapp oscillator 3) Colpitts oscillator 4) Armstrong oscillator
10.Which of the following metals forms an amalgam with other metals?
1)Mercury 2)Tin 3) Lead 4)Zinc
Answer : 1
11. What is the proper use of signal generator?
1) Designing 2) Testing 3) Repairing 4) All the above
12. If one cylinder of a diesel engine receives more fuel than the others, then for that cylinder the
1) exhausttill be smoky 2) piston rings would stick into piston grooves 3) scavenging occurs 4)
engine starts overheating
13. The information is sent by CW transmitter by-
1) Changing the audio frequency 2) Interrupting radio signal 3) Using microphone 4) Using camera
14. Moisture can be removed from lubricating oil using————–
1) Tubular centrifugal 2) Clarifier 3) Sparkler filter 4) Vacuum leaf filter
15. Germanium possesses-
1) Two valence electrons 2) Three valence electrons 3) Four valence electrons 4) Five valence
16. Which of the following is not a property of difference amplifier?
1) Capacitor is used in it 2) It is used tocompare two signals 3) Difference amplifier yields more than
the direct couple amplifier 4) Frequency of difference amplifier remains flat from zero to high
17. Calorie value is the least of the following materials
-1) Coal gas 2) Producer gas 3) Steam fiery gas 4) Oil gas
18. Natural rubber is polymer of
1) Isobutane 2) Isoprene 3) Propane 4) Isopropene

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