Most Important GK Questions Answers pdf for SSC CHSL 2020

Dear Students, We are here with the most important gk questions answers pdf for SSC CHSL. This general knowledge questions answers pdf is very important for any competitive exam.

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List of some important GK Questions

Question 1: What is the maximum number of days of employment a rural poor would get under ‘MGNREGA’?

a) 180 days

b) 120 days

c) 100 days

d) 90 days

Question 2: According to Article 243 V of the Constitution of India, the minimum age requirement for becoming a member of a Municipalty is ___________.

a) 28 years

b) 21 years

c) 24 years

d) 32 years

Question 3: Which one of the following vedas is not a part of the Vedatrayi?

a) Rig Veda

b) Sama Veda

c) Yajur Veda

d) Atharva Veda

Question 4: Which of the following helps keep Earth’s atmosphere in place?

a) Gravitational force of the moon

b) Rotation of Earth on its axis

c) Gravitational force of Earth

d) Gravitational force of the sun

Question 5: The capital of the king Kharavela of Kalinga was ______________.

a) Taxila

b) Pataliputra

c) Kalinganagara

d) Pushpapura

Question 6: Which temple was ransacked by Mahmud Gazni serveral times ?

(a) Meenakshi Temple

(b) Golden Temple

(c) Ayodhya Temple

(d) Somnath Temple

(e) None of these

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