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Neetu Singh English Book PDF

Neetu Singh English Book PDF is important for various competitive exams such as IBPS PO, SBI PO, SSC CGL, IBPS SO, IBPS Clerk, and SSC CHSL.

India is home to many competitive exams. Some students apply for various jobs across the country, and for that matter, many difficult competitive exams have been designed. Since English is a language that rules the world currently, it has become an integral part of these exams.

A very good English book may be a big plus point for many students. Read this guide about the Neetu Singh English Book pdf – From Plinth to Paramount.

Who is Neetu Singh?

Neetu Singh is a household name for many of the students. She is a teacher who has added stars to India’s coaching industry. Neetu Ma’am founded Paramount Coaching Center and K.D Classes. She is a teacher who provides excellent coaching for many competitive exams such as SSC, Banking, CPO, Board Exams and even UPSC. Ma’am has written two extensive guides for English – From Plinth to Paramount and English for General Competitions.

Neetu Singh English Book Pdf – Overview

Neetu Singh English Book is a useful guide for students who wish to enrol in government jobs. The book has two volumes published by K.D Publications in 2017 and 2018, respectively.

There are various chapters related to English Grammar in the book. These provide a step-by-step guide about how to study English for competitive exams. Also, a good number of exercises are there which help a student to easily judge their understanding of the different topics.

Neetu Singh English Book PDF – Volume 1

This book covers all of the major topics that are needed to study for competitive exams. Students who are studying for SSE, CPO, CGL can use this book and ace their exams easily. The book contains an overall of 24 chapters. In addition, there are 424 pages in the book. Moreover, a plus point to mention is that the book is there in both Hindi and English.

Following are the contents:

  1. Verbs – 1
  2. Tenses
  3. Passive Voice
  4. Narration
  5. Question Tags
  6. Subject – Verb Agreement
  7. Conditional Sentences
  8. Verb – 2
  9. Nouns
  10. Pronouns
  11. Adjectives
  12. Conjunctions
  13. Articles
  14. Prepositions
  15. Adverbs
  16. Misused or Confused Words
  17. Practice Set (Synonyms)
  18. Practice Set (Antonyms)
  19. One Word Substitution
  20. Practice Set (One Word Substitution)
  21. Idioms and Phrases – 1
  22. Idioms and Phrases – 2
  23. Vocabulary
  24. Practice Set (Idioms and Phrases)

This book is available online on various online shopping platforms such as Amazon Snapdeal, and Flipkart.

Buy the book on Amazon

Also, buy it on Flipkart

You can even buy it on Snapdeal

The book costs Rupees 360 on Amazon, Rupees 317 on Flipkart and Rupees 264 on Snapdeal.

If you want to shine in any of the competitive exams, then grab your copy now!

Download the book PDF here

Note: We do not recommend you download the book pdf from here. Please try to buy it from the sites mentioned already.

Also Read:

Neetu Singh English Book PDF – Volume 2

Volume 1 of the book was so loved by readers and students that Neetu Ma’am published one more volume of the same book. So again, students who wish to perform very well in their exams – be it competitive or simple board exams or even the prestigious UPSC can use this book.

Neetu Singh English Book PDF - Volume 2

The book covers a total of 26 chapters. Also, there are 553 pages in the book. Another point that is worth mentioning is that the book is written in both Hindi and English, making it feasible for students to study.

Following are the contents :

  1. Idioms in Stories
  2. Theme Based Idioms
  3. Vocabulary from Root Words
  4. Commonly Used Foreign Words
  5. Theme Based Vocabulary
  6. Sentence Improvement
  7. Cloze Test
  8. Spellings
  9. Sentence Arrangement
  10. Comprehension
  11. Practice Tests (English)
  12. Verb as a Noun
  13. Infinitive
  14. Participle
  15. Inversion
  16. Parallelism
  17. Superfluous Expression
  18. Phrasal Verbs
  19. Full Ups
  20. Prepositions
  21. Basic Concepts
  22. Subject-Verb Agreement and Conditional Sentences
  23. Model Paper ( SSC – both tiers)
  24. Essays
  25. Letter Writing
  26. Articles

You can buy this book on various online shopping platforms. They include Amazon and Flipkart.

Buy the book on Amazon

If you want to ace your English section in the SSC, UPSC and other exams or even in your board exams, then this is the right time to grab your copy.

Download the pdf of the book here

Note: We highly recommend buying the book rather than download it from the link. 

The book costs Rupees 389 on Amazon. Also, it costs Rupees 390 on Flipkart.

Neetu Singh English Book – Significance

The book has innumerable plus points. Neetu Singh English Book Pdf provides students with an easy and comprehensive guide to English Grammar. There are practice tests available at the end of each chapter, making it easy for them to assess their ability of understanding. Also, there is no difficult language of the book. It’s written in an easy to understand tone. Its availability in both Hindi and English makes it more famous among the students.

Also, the book has each and every topic of English Grammar that students find tough to understand. There are topics on Verb, Nouns, Pronouns, etc. Everything has been taught from scratch. Many competitive exam aspirants have labelled this book as a lifesaver at the time of English. Save yourself from any disappointment by buying this helpful book.


We often are very non-serious about English at school. In competitive exams such as UPSC, one drops serious but English has still put into the take it easy category. In the end, the conclusion comes that people stay back because of their non-seriousness in English.

Thus, we need to have a guidebook that will help us study English Grammar like never before. Grab your copy of the Neetu Singh English Book, do well in English, and beat the exam.

Share this with your friends so that they also get some benefit out of this.

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