Partnership questions answer pdf SSC CHSL

Partnership questions answer pdf SSC CHSL-:

List of Practice Aptitude Questions for Upcoming SSC CGL Mains / SSC CHSL Exam was given here with solutions, candidates those who are preparing for those exams can use this material.

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Definition: When two or more persons mutually come under an agreement to invest money together for operating a business, then such association is known as ‘Partnership’. Both the involved parties are called “Partners”. There are generally two types of we provide you Partnership questions answer pdf SSC CHSL.

  1. Single Partnership: When all partners invest their money for the same period, then such partnership is known as “Single Partnership”.
  2. Compound Partnership: Unlike Single partnership, when all parties invest their money for different periods; then this is known as “Compound partnership”.
    1. Active Partners: The partner who manages the business is known as Active Partner or working partner.
    2. Sleeping Partner: A partner, who simply invest his money in the business but does not manage it voluntarily is referred as Sleeping partner.

There are two of problems based on Partnership concept.

Case 1: When the investments made by all the parties for the same period; then you will be asked to find the gain or loss that is distributed amongs them in the ration of investments.

Case 2: When investments are made for different time periods; then capital for each partner will be calculated as –

(Capital x Number of units of time)

How to calculate?

*If x1: x2: x3 is the investment ratios and P1: P2: P3 be the profit ratios. Then, the ratio between time periods will be-

*Suppose, the ratio of profits and ratios of time periods are given; you have to find the ratio of investments. Then, it will be equal to-

*If P1😛2😛3 and t1:t2:t3 are the profit ratios & time periods respectively, then-

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