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Ratio & Proportion Syndicate bank solution pdf 2018-:

Dear readers,  you Can download Ratio & Proportion Syndicate bank solution pdf . you all know that speed in calculation sets the complete base for Quantitative Aptitude section.

What Are Ratios?

SO  YOU  CAN DOWNLOAD Ratio & Proportion Syndicate bank solution pdf . Ratios are used to compare values.  If we have a total of six puppies, where two are girls and four are boys, we can write that in ratio form as 2:4 (girls:boys).

What Are Proportions?

Let’s see how proportions work for our puppies. Our first ratio of girls to boys is 2:4 for our litter of six.  My ratios are proportional if they divide into the same number.Ratio & Proportion Syndicate bank solution pdf .


Ratio & Proportion Syndicate bank solution pdf 2018 


Q)A child has three different kinds of chocolates costing Rs.2, Rs.5 and Rs.10. He
spends total Rs.120 on the chocolates. What is the minimum possible number of
chocolates, he can buy, if there must be atleast one chocolate of each kind?
a) 22 b) 19 c) 17
d) 15 e) None of these
Q) Rs.4536 is divided among 4 men, 5 women and 2 boys. The ratio of share of a man,
a woman and a boy is 7 : 4 : 3. What is the share of a woman?
a) Rs.336 b) Rs.498 c) Rs.166
d) Rs.256 e) None of these
Q) The ratio of income of Anil and Mukesh is 2 : 3. The sum of their expenditure is
Rs.8000 and the amount of savings of Anil is equal to the amount of expenditure of
Mukesh. What is the sum of their savings?
a) 22,000 b) 4,000 c) 16,000
d) 12,000 e) None of these
Q) The salaries of A, B, C are in the ratio 2 : 3 : 5. If the increments of 15%, 10% and
20% are allowed respectively in their salaries, then what will be the new ratio of
their salaries?
a) 3 : 3 : 10 b) 10 : 11 : 20 c) 23 : 33 : 60
d) Cannot be determined e) None of these
Q) The sum of three numbers is 98. If the ratio of the first to the second is 2 : 3 and that
of the second to the third is 5 : 8, then the second number is :
a) 20 b) 30 c) 48
d) 58 e) None of these
Q) If 40% of a number is equal to two-third of another number, what is the ratio of first
number to the second number?
a) 2 : 5 b) 3 : 7 c) 5 : 3
d) 7 : 3 e) None of these
Q) An amount of Rs.735 was divided between A, B and C. If each of them had
received Rs.25 less, their shares would have been in the ratio of 1 : 3 : 2. The money
received by C was :
a) Rs.195 b) Rs.200 c) Rs.225
d) Rs.245 e) None of these

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