SBI PO Descriptive Material, Letter Writing SBI PO 2018

SBI PO Descriptive Material, Letter Writing SBI PO 2018

Dear Readers in this article we are sharing SBI PO Descriptive Material, Letter Writing SBI PO 2018. The SBI PO exam is among the most challenging of all banking examinations conducted across the country every year. However, this is only reasonable, because SBI PO is one of the most lucrative employment options for freshers and graduates, and so it may be reasonable to say that a job that pays as well as SBI PO will have a challenging selection process. The Descriptive section judges your writing skill on both essays & letters. Descriptive section consist of 50 marks & will be conducted in an online mode only. The descriptive paper of only such candidates will be assessed who secure a minimum qualifying mark in the objective test. The time allotted to descriptive paper is 30 minutes.

SBI PO Descriptive Material Essay Writing

Here is a list of topics that you must be well-versed with in order to score high marks in this section –

  1. Ransomware emerges as biggest global cyber security threat after WannaCry attack. Comment
  2. Foreign investment in insurance sector & it’s ways¬†to increase insurance penetration.¬†SBI PO Descriptive Material.
  3. Does providing educational loans help in empowering employment to youth?
  4. How useful is aadhar card?
  5. Impact of unearthing of black money on indian economy
  6. Importance of education in vernacular languages
  7. Pros & cons of winning lotteries
  8. Do brokers deserve the cut that they make on deals?
  9. Security of women in workspace, an increasing cause of concern
  10. Entrance exams ‚Äď a necessary evil
  11. NITI Aayog: Objectives & Composition on new term to create new India. SBI PO Descriptive Material.
  12. Red Beacon Ban: Every Indian is a VIP.
  13. How effective is 5th Bi-monthly Monetary Policy.
  14. Is¬†Future of IPL (Still a gentleman’s game?)
  15. Lok Sabha passes Finance Bill, 2017 Рthis is why India need to freak out. SBI PO Descriptive Material.
  16. What Does Yogi Adityanath Mean for Indian Politics?
  17. Did Justin Bieber actually only lip sync at the Mumbai concert? If yes, what are your views about it?
  18. BHIM app is destined to change how Indians pay.
  19. How Digi Dhan Yojna & Digi Dhan Mela to encourage cashless transactions?
  20. Women Entrepreneurs in IndiaThe word ‚Äėentrepreneur‚Äô has mostly been synonymous with men. In the 21st century though, things are changing and many successful female entrepreneurs have emerged. These women are becoming role models and are flourishing in their respective fields. Their confidence and refusal to be dominated by men has inspired many more women across the country. These women have been acknowledged in their respective fields and have even received accolades for their work.¬†Letter Writing SBI PO 2018.

Here are few other important topics which were asked previously in the exam:

  1. Is election commission right in banning election symbols during casting of votes?
  2. Roll of uneducated people in Indian Economy.
  3. Is presidential form of government is suitable for India?
  4. Benefits of Mutual fund investments.
  5. Suggestions to alleviate unemployment problem.
  6. Role of newspapers in influencing society or youth.
  7. Role of effective credit rating.
  8. Economic importance of tourism.
  9. Banking Risk and Management.
  10. Is generation gap a myth?

Letter Writing SBI PO 2018

Below topics are important for upcoming descriptive test as these are related to current affairs happening around us :

  1. Write a letter to the manager of a firm to increase credit amount of loan taken.
  2. Letter to the bank manager apologizing for the delay in EMI payment.
  3. Letter to your brother indicating him on why you want to choose career in banking.
  4. As a manager, write a letter to your collegues to conduct a meeting on PR strategy.
  5. Write a letter to your younger sibiling explaining the importance of saving money
  6. Letter to the bank manager for extension of joining date
  7. Write a letter to your younger brother explaining him about the benefits of Goods and Services Tax that is going to be levied on country.
  8. Write a letter to your uncle , who is a farmer explaining him about the Government schemes and resources available for farmers and rural people that he can use for his benefit. Letter Writing SBI PO 2018.
  9. Write a letter to your Friend explaining him about the positive impacts of demonetization on India.

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