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Teachers day Essay For Students

Teacher’s day is a special event celebrated on the 5th of September every year in India. Teacher’s day is more like a festival in India. It is celebrated every year to show the special gratitude towards the leaders in education who are also known as “Vishwaguru”, for their hardships and contributions to various fields.

Education of one of the most important things in life and spreading education is not so possible without teachers. Teachers have a huge role in shaping the minds of the students regardless of their age and it is very correctly said that today’s students are tomorrow’s future.

Teaching is not an easy career as they have a load of responsibility on their arms of educating the youths. Teachers act as the backbone of their students.

The most inspiring quote which I remember from when I was in my school is – Teachers help us brighten our life just like the candle which lightens up a dark room. Teachers are the major source of knowledge for children after their mothers.

A good teacher always keeps in mind his student’s weak points and strong points. He treats every student as one and never acts biased in any situation.

Not only the teachers but it is also the student’s responsibility not to act biased with their teachers in any circumstances neither should he disobey any of his teachers.

Most of the time, when a student gets punished by his teacher, at that particular time, the student might think that his teacher hates him or the teacher doesn’t like him but instead the student should be smart enough to think why he got punished at the first place. And in most situations due to this kind of behavior, the relation between a teacher and a student gets ruined.

My experience of teacher’s day:

Ever since I was a little girl, I wished of being a teacher. I used to get myself a board that my mom would hang up in one of the walls of my room and then I used to use it as my teachers did. I would write in it and teach my invisible students. I would act like I’m a well-experienced teacher. I would draw pictures on the board so that I could teach them better and make them understand more.

Though with time, my wish list has changed a lot but my respect towards my teachers will never change instead they will increase as the time flows.

Being a teacher is not just a profession but a way of living your life. They teach and provide us the special knowledge which any other human would hesitate to provide. Their selflessness can amaze anyone in this world easily.

Teacher’s day essay
Teacher’s day essay

One of my favorite moments in school was decorating the rooms and the hall for events like teacher’s day, children’s day, etc. I loved the fact that at least for a day there were no rules for following the same routine. The relationship between the teachers and the students grows like friendship grows as time passes by. The teachers whom I used to fear earlier because of their scary looks seem no longer scary to me.

I loved wrapping the gifts bought for the teachers by using shiny wrappers, assembling a bouquet for them, providing them food to eat, and making sure that they enjoy every bit of that particular day. I just loved it so much. But above everything, the most pleasuring moment was when I could feel that they were really happy in the end.

The tradition of celebrating Teacher’s Day started during the 19th century. India has been celebrating Teacher’s day since 1962. The different country celebrates Teacher’s Day on different dates. India celebrates this auspicious day to honor the birth anniversary of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishna, who was a scholar as well as a well-known diplomat, and above all, he was a teacher.

India celebrated its first Teacher’s day on the 5th of September in 1962. Narendra Modi says – “Teacher is not a profession but a way of life (Jeevan Dharm).”

More about Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishna:

Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishna was born on the 5th of September in the year 1888 in a middle-class family of Tamil Nadu.

His students wanted to celebrate his birthday but he suggested his students celebrate Teacher’s day on his birthday instead and that’s how it all began in India.

Sarvepalli Veeruswami was the name of his father and Sarvepalli Sita was the name of his mother.

Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishna was also the first Vice – President of India and the second president of India after the independence of the country. He was also awarded the Bharat Ratna award.

He loved his teachers as much as his students loved him. He was a professor in philosophy in numerous well – known universities which of them are Mysore, Chennai, Kolkata, and also Oxford University.

He had achieved uncountable positions in his life. He was also a great philosopher as well as a great religious thinker. He was also a great educationist as well as a great humanist. He was a great writer too. Some of his samples of him proving him as a great writer can be seen in some of his books on religion and philosophy.

He was also appointed as the chairman of the University Grants Commission in 1949 and he loved being in this community as he was a teacher.


As time has passed, things have changed a lot. The teachers who were so selfless have now lost their selflessness quality.

The teachers whose only motive was to help the students learn something new has changed and now their only ambition is to earn more rather than teach more. They are no more our guiding light but are simple employees. But I had this one thing in my head that no human in this world wouldn’t understand if that person is explained in the right way.

It is very obvious for humans to think that being a teacher is very easy. We may imagine this profession having fun and games at school or universities or any educational institution. But no one will understand the struggle and the hard times a teacher has to go through until he/she gets challenged by a teacher.

Yes! Sometimes it can be very fun to teach student but we cannot deny that it is also a very exhausting task to complete. It can be very exhausting both physically and emotionally.

So, never forget to respect a teacher for the hardships that a teacher has to go through. Utilize the full advantage of showing your gratitude and your respect towards your teacher on Teacher’s day.

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