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Tenses Error Correction Exercise pdf Ibps SSC Clerk

Tenses Error Correction Exercise pdf Ibps SSC Clerk:-

Today i am shearing Tenses Error Correction Exercise pdf. we have prepared practice exercises categorized into three levels, i.e. Easy Level, Moderate Level and Hard Level keeping in view various exam pattern.

About Tenses

hello friend today we discuss on Tenses Error Correction Exercise pdf The tenses are not the only means available of locating events in time. An additional
possibility is the use of other linguistic elements, for example temporal adverbs such as yesterday
or soon or prepositional phrases such as before or in two weeks. But these expressions do not
have the same status as tense: they are lexical, not grammatical expressions of temporality,
and whereas in prototypical sentences (at least in English or German) tense is a typical feature,
the occurence of a temporal adverb or prepositional phrase is not. Still, a theory of tense also
needs to account for problems arising from the interplay of grammatical and lexical
indications of time and temporality.


click below link to download Tenses Error Correction Exercise pdf

click here to download Tenses Error Correction Exercise pdf

Simple Present

Form: Use the base form of a verb, adding an /s/ to the end of the verb if the subject is singular. (Unless the verb is irregular, in which case other rules may apply.)

  • Use 1: Actions that are habitual or routineEXAMPLES:¬†The sun¬†rises. I¬†brush¬†my teeth twice a day.
  • Use 2: General, timeless factsEXAMPLES:¬†Spiders¬†make¬†webs. Babies¬†drink¬†milk.
  • Present Perfect

    Form: Have or has + past form of a verb


    • Use 1: Actions that started in the past, continue into the present, and may continue into the futureEXAMPLES:¬†The children¬†have felt¬†sick ever since they ate lunch. My neighbor¬†haslived¬†next door to me for two years.

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