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The Psychology of Money PDF is very useful for those people who want to earn money and also want to save money.

There are people who earn and there are people who don’t earn. Whether it’s the first kind or the second kind, we all have to keep a track of our personal finances.

Even if it’s a school-going student who just gets monthly pocket money, he/she also has to know about personal finance management. Your sensible financial decisions and having a piece of good financial knowledge will indeed help you to get a good life.

The Psychology of Money pdf written by Morgan Housel can help you to make better financial decisions and also have a secure future financially.

Read this article to get a good idea about the masterpiece.

The Psychology of Money Pdf Overview

The book Psychology of Money has been written by Morgan Housel. He is an author who has received several accolades for his commendable contribution to the writing world, especially in the financial education field.

The book talks about making good and effective financial decisions. It helps a person deal with hai/her shortcomings in the financial field. If you really feel that in the near future or even today, you don’t have the capability to manage your finances or can’t handle wealth, then this book is a must-read for you.

The Psychology of Money Pdf Overview

In this book, the author targets your mind to fit in the basic necessities of having a stable financial life.

There are a total of 19 short stories mentioned that manifest how a person may go on the wrong track while making certain financial decisions. Also, there are a large number of indirect and direct suggestions about how we can perfect ourselves financially and how we can make good sense of our shortcomings.

The book was originally published on the 8th of September 2020 and has got a rating of 4.4/5 on Goodreads.


There are a total of 207 pages in the book and it has 20 chapters.

  1. No one’s crazy
  2. Luck and Risk
  3. Never Enough
  4. Confounding Compounding
  5. Getting wealthy versus staying wealthy
  6. Tails you win
  7. Freedom
  8. Man in the car paradox
  9. Wealth is what you don’t see
  10. Save Money
  11. Reasonable > Rational
  12. Surprise!
  13. Room for error
  14. You’ll change
  15. Nothing is free
  16. You and me
  17. The seduction of pessimism
  18. When you’ll believe anything
  19. All together now
  20. Confessions

From these comprehensive contents, one can reasonably infer that the book is surely a must-read.

The Psychology of Money – Significance

The Psychology of Money is a book that should be handy for a person who has worries about the management of finances. The book has three main things which everyone must know –

  • Being Greedy can lead you into grave trouble
  • Envy can’t earn you a wealth
  • What we have experienced with money earlier will determine how we are going to deal with finances in the future.

This book gives you a good route towards financial freedom. It will open your mind towards fresh areas which you have never thought about. You’ll not feel very happy after reading this maybe because you’ve been making a lot of mistakes in your financial life. But, you’ll get a reality check about your life.

For example, if you think you’re not greedy but you are so at least to some extent. This read will show you the different aspects of being greedy and maybe it will make you realize where you lack.

You may even see yourself changing. Your perspective toward basic financial decisions will drastically change.

PDF Details and Download Link

This book is available to buy on many online platforms and you can also download its PDF.

The book is in English with a file size of 3.22 MB and has 243 pages.

Download the pdf of the book here.

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We have a tendency to extensively worry about our finances and we even fear getting wealthy. We are greedy and don’t accept that. Even, we are strongly envious and even deny that. Thus, the Psychology of Money pdf is there to help us with our basic knowledge of finances and wealth.

Stories are a good way to understand things. Even if you are reading a difficult science lesson, a simple story will make it too easy for you.

Similarly, the author Morgan Housel describes the basics of money and wealth through certain eye-catching stories. These stories provide a good idea to the reader about how they can have a secure future financially. For those who can’t handle money or those who want to know how to handle it, the book covers all.

It is helpful for a 40-year-old who wants to reinstate a business, for a 28-year-old who is just beginning to earn, and even for a 17-year-old who has a great interest in economics. Grab your copy now!

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