Time & Distance pdf Syndicate bank latest pattern 2018

Time & Distance pdf Syndicate bank latest pattern 2018

Hello friends Today I am going to share Syndicate bank latest Time & Distance pdf of shortcuts and tricks QUESTION on Time & Distance. Here the pdf is important for syndicate bank exams. you can also more study pdf for the bank exams download from here.


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Time & Distance pdf Syndicate bank latest pattern 2018

selection process:-

(open) online test conducted by IBPS followed by Interview and/or Group Discussion.Syndicate bank latest Time & Distance pdf.  this type part of math is more easy and important as compare other part here we provide both leave  (easy level and hard leave) question for exam so u can do more practices from this pdf. 

Speed and Distance Problems 

Speed and Distance problems are important part of Quantitative Aptitude section of various competitive exams. It checks your numerical problem solving ability. You need a lot of practice to achieve good speed and accuracy in order to solve Speed and Distance problems well.

Q0Two trains start from P and Q respectively and travel towards each other at a speed
of 50 km/hr and 40 km/hr respectively. By the time they meet, the first train has
travelled 100 km more than the second. The distance between P and Q is:
a) 500 km b) 630 km c) 660 km
d) 900 km e) None of these
Q) How long will a boy take to run round a square field of side 35 metres, if he runs at
the rate of 9 km/hr?
a) 50 sec b) 52 sec c) 54 sec
d) 56 sec e) None of these
Q) Two cars P and Q start at the same time from A and B which are 120 km apart. If
the two cars travel in opposite directions, they meet after one hour and if they travel
in same direction (from A towards B), then P meets Q after 6 hours. What is the
speed of car P?
a) 60 kmph b) 70 kmph c) 80 kmph
d) Data inadequate e) None of these

Q) The jogging track in a sports complex is 726 metres in circumference. Deepak and
his wife start from the same point and walk in opposite directions at 4.5 km/hr and
3.75 km/hr respectively. They will meet for the first time in :
a) 4.9 min b) 5.28 min c) 5.5 min
d) 6 min e) None of these
Q) The ratio between the speeds of two trains is 7 : 8. If the second train runs 400 kms
in 4 hours, then the speed of the first train is :
a) 70 km/hr b) 75 km/hr c) 84 km/hr
d) 87.5 km/hr e) None of these
Q) A man in a train notices that he can count 21 telephone posts inn one minute. If they
are known to be 50 metres apart, then at what speed is the train travelling?
a) 55 km/hr b) 57 km/hr c) 60 km/hr
d) 63 km/hr e) None of these

Time & Work Syndicate bank pdf latest pattern 2018


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