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Top 10 Work From Home Jobs in Kolkata – Earn Per Month 1 Lakh

Work From Home Jobs in Kolkata: Living in “The City of Joy,” Kolkata, are you looking for job opportunities that don’t require you to report to your office?

Be it a main job, earning an extra income by freelancing, or gaining working experience during your student life, now you can work from the comfort of your home without worrying about getting late because you were stuck in the city’s traffic jams.

The traditional way of working has transformed into a digital setting for many industries post-pandemic.

Now a number of jobs are available for people to explore and work remotely without worrying about shifting houses or traveling multiple hours to reach their office.

Apart from working professionals already in the industry and aspiring professionals, housewives looking to earn extra income can apply for these jobs.

Why work from home jobs?

Employees and companies benefit greatly by hiring people to work remotely. It not only saves them the cost of renting an office space but also increases the efficiency of their employees as they don’t have to waste their time travelling back and forth.

A company needs people with diverse thought processes to develop dynamic ideas. Thus, working from home allows a person to work in companies without worrying about shifting, rent, extra bills, and travelling, and companies to hire more diverse people.

List of the Top 10 Work From Home Jobs in Kolkata

Work From Home Jobs in Kolkata offer a variety of benefits, so we’ve compiled a list of the 10 most popular ones that you can try out-

10. Customer Service Representative

As the name suggests, a customer service representative interacts with a company’s customers and helps them in various fields, such as resolving complaints, answering questions, selling products or services, keeping a record of customer interaction, etc.

The job is not limited to only one sector; thus, people from different backgrounds can explore it in their specific sector.

Qualifications required-

  • High-school Diploma or equivalent
  • If sector-specific, then related
  • Strong communication skills certifications.
  • Understanding of the company’s product/service 
  • Ability to Multitask

9. Data Collector

If you are good with research, compiling, organizing, and observing data, then this job is done for you.

As a data collector, you will work closely with the company’s data analysis team and use the software in computers to analyze, sort, and store data so that the company can refer to it to make further decisions regarding office culture, products, services, etc.

Qualifications required-

  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Computer skills
  • Additional certification in the field is a plus.
  • Basic technical knowledge

8. Web Developer

When you browse the internet and open a site to a company, the webpage that appears before you is the work of a Web Developer. In large, there are four types of Web Developers.

Ones who are responsible for making a website from scratch. Second, who works on the website’s visual to make it look more appealing and easier to navigate? Third, who performs the above tasks, and lastly, website managers who ensure the website works properly.

Qualifications required-

  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science
  • Web development certification if only looking for basic jobs
  • Coding skills
  • Computer languages such as JAVA, HTML, Python, etc.

7. Proof-reader

If you have a good command of a language and its rules and a love for reading, then this job might be for you.

A proofreader works with different types of manuscripts and ensures that they are without any grammatical or spelling errors. The work of a proofreader is detail oriented and thus requires long attention spans.

Qualifications required-

  • Bachelor’s degree in journalism, any language
  • Other Degrees also work if proficiency in the language is shown
  • Knowledge of editing software and word processing.

6. Software Developer

While majoring in computer science, an engineering degree is the most popular Undergrad among science students. Many of them become software engineers, people who research, build and manage computer software. After the pandemic, most software developers have started to work from home or in a hybrid manner. Thus, companies are hiring them without needing to report to the office.

Qualifications required-

  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science or equivalent
  • Knowledge of programming languages such as JAVE, HTML, C++, Python
  • Coding skills.

5. Search Engine Evaluator

Search Engines are online platforms where users put in their queries to get an answer. As an evaluator of those engines, your main responsibility is to search specific keywords and judge how useful the top search results are.

The criteria to evaluate are stringent, so a person must familiarize themselves with the guidelines and work according to them.

Qualifications required-

  • No specific qualifications
  • Tech-savvy
  • Strong research skills

4. Social Media Specialist

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc., are being exploited to the max by companies as they are one the fastest and most cost-effective methods to create brand awareness among potential customers.

Interaction between the customers and the company also becomes easier. As a social media specialist, your responsibilities consist of increasing followers, creating engaging content, increasing brand awareness on social media platforms, and interacting with customers, in addition to other responsibilities.

Qualifications required-

  • Bachelor’s degree in Journalism, marketing, or English
  • Certification as a social or digital media marketer
  • Knowledge of online marketing
  • Knowledge about various social media platforms

3. Administrative Assistant

If you have a talent for organizing things, you might shine as an administrative assistant. The work responsibilities in this field include but are not limited to transcribing documents, managing social media accounts, setting up meetings, and making travel arrangements.

Qualifications required-

  • Highschool Diploma or equivalent
  • Certification in business/office administration
  • Knowledge of online tools such as communication/video apps

2. Content Writer

Have a knack for writing? Or an interest in exploring, researching, and writing about various genres? Then becoming a content writer is the right choice.

Content is needed in every field and thus opens an occupation for every person interested in writing, even from different backgrounds.

Whether financial, Legal, or computer industry, all fields need a group of writers who can understand their field and write about relevant topics. From short blogs to lengthy white papers, all types of content are needed by various industries, and you can work with the one you feel comfortable with.

Qualifications required-

  • A bachelor’s degree
  • Good command of language
  • Excellent research and writing skills

1. Digital Marketer

Digital media has seen an outburst after the post-pandemic. Many companies have become entirely digital to save several costs. In such times there is a high requirement of digital media marketers who can advertise their products/services online.

Digital media includes social media, email marketing, Search engine optimization, Search engine marketing, online ads/banners, etc. A marketer who can strategize to get the best outcome from online marketing and implement it is best for this job. Understanding a particular sector will be a bonus if looking for a job there.

Qualifications required-

  • A bachelor’s degree in any field
  • An MBA in marketing or certification in digital marketing
  • Knowledge of various marketing tools, such as google analytics
  • Creative ability to publish engaging content.

One of the most important requirements for any job is the dedication to learn and apply those learnings in your work.

Many jobs require specific qualifications for a person to do a job, but many new fields are emerging in the job sector where you don’t need specific requirements to learn a skill.


As we believe that people from all backgrounds need opportunities and information to explore Remote working options, we have mentioned jobs with wider accessibility areas that can be general and industry-specific as per the reader’s requirement.

Hope the article helps in your journey of exploring Work from Home options available in the market and you can successfully snag a job that meets your requirement and get a company that requires you.

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