Why Should you be hired for this Internship

What is the best way to ace an Internships Interview ? Appearing for an Interview is not joke especially for Freshers who has never appeared for a job related Interview. For every candidate, it is a very toughest question.

There is no any magic formula can guarantee success in an internship Interview . The only way to success is do your work hard on Internships Interview preparation . Your hard work will decide you are success or not.

There are many types questions can be asked in the internship Interview but the one question you might face is ” Why should you be hired for this Internships ?” or simply ” Why should we hire you ?” . There is no any specific answer for this question it’s change according to the person thinking . But, no one will give proper of this question because of nervousness or lost his focus etc. Woody no more ,as we have covered this question for you in this article.

Read it and prepare well with the best answer to this question. A good answer to this question can either get you your First Internships job or leave you empty- handed. So, it’s very important to focus on how to answer this question smartly and carefully.

Common Interview questions

Here are few possible answer that one can give for this question.

Possible Answer #1

Since I am a Freshers .I am still learning and I am a quick learner with the ability to grasp new responsibilities very quickly.I have some fresh and raw ideas that I would like to discuss with the management here .If I make through and I am make sure they will like a few of them . That’s why you may hire me for this Internship.

Possible Answer #2

If I get hired for this Internship , I will make every effort to learn all .I am huge admirer of your CEO and I am gratefully Impressed by your company diverse portfolio of CSR Initiative with reputed NGO. I saw this on your Official website .

I am also associated with several NGO as social worker and active volunteer. Working with your company is like a dream come true . That’s why you may hire me as you can get the best out of me while I get to learn the best from you company too.

Possible Answer #3

I want to do this Internship to assess my own Inherent abilities and potential. I am presently in the final year of my college degree and have gained a lot of academic knowledge about this domain.
That’s why , I feel the need to know how much is actually Relevant from a practical perspective .

Joining your company will enable me to discover the required correction before I begin my professional career.
I am convinced from your company and I think this is the right place for me to experience the practical aspects working in the Industry and also gain useful insights into it.

Possible Answer #4

As a person , I have always believed that doing complete justice with job or any task that I am assigned.

I take great pride in the fact that when I am focused on completing a task and don’t stop until I achieve the result as expected.

I personally believe that it’s a very positive and essential trait to posses in this highly competitive world. If you granted me this opportunity.I hope to replicate this with regards to my assigned responsibilities and overall demeanor and also have an open mind towards Assistance and guidance from my senior.

Possible Answer #5

I would make your work much more easier.I have a lot of skills that would make me stand out. Instead of speaking for myself, I would prefer to show you my work. I would like you to give me an opportunity to let my work speak myself.

Greetings selected in an Interview for Internship, you can do wonder not only for your self – confidence but also give you your first sustained exposure to the working of your chosen Industry.so , remember to do your homework when an opportunity for a corporate Internship comes your way next. It will open your door to a long and illustrious career for you.
Stay well, stay safe and stay connected with us.

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