Top 10 Work From Home Jobs in Ahmedabad

Work From Home Jobs have become the new norm for adults. Ahmedabad offers a wide variety of work from home jobs to suit everyone’s tastes.

From cottage industries to Big Corporates, and government to private undertakings, Ahmedabad is a land to all. It is well known for agriculture, cottage industries, and handloom industries, which attract many women to handle their marketing aspects while maintaining a life balance.

The city is also home to many big corporations, which attract many new graduates. There are numerous work from home jobs in Ahmedabad available in a variety of fields. The article will explain their pros and cons as well as all the other details associated with them.

List of the Work from home Jobs in Ahmedabad

Social Media Evaluator

Job Role: The principal work of a social media evaluator is to review all the posts, comments, and videos and assess the information on social media platforms. Thus, you ensure the credibility and relevance of the news on various issues to inform the users better.

Social Media Evaluator

Requirements :

  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Proficiency in English and Hindi
  • Thorough understanding of Social Media
  • Self-organized and managed in order to work independently
  • Basic Computer knowledge

Schedule: Varies from company to company. Home-based work, you can select your work days and hours and complete your work. Generally, it is 4 days a week and at least 20 hrs per week.

Salary: Taking the experience into account, it ranges from ₹1.5L to ₹3.8L


  • It can be done as a part-time job as it needs a few hours a week
  • There is time to pursue other interests that align with the current work
  • Flexible timings
  • Just require a computer/laptop with a net connection


  • Needs a lot of insights on current affairs and GK
  • It cannot be considered a permanent livelihood.

Search Engine Optimization Specialist

Job Profile: An SEO specialist takes care of all the SEO activities to drive traffic to the website under work by employing strategies to attract and rank top on the search engines. You look after content strategies, keyword strategies, and link building, which comes under optimizing search engines that bring the market to your brand.

Search Engine Optimization Specialist Job


  • Understanding of tools
  • Strategic planning
  • Research and analytical skills
  • Basic coding skills
  • Social media proficiency
  • Ability to track and analyze the performance of campaigns
  • Written and verbal communication skills

Schedule: Depends on the company you are working for. Generally, 5 days a week and 8 hrs a day. Flexible to work from home with your laptop.

Salary: From fresher to experienced, it ranges from ₹1.8L to ₹7.8L.


  • High Demand and Income
  • Wide range of diversity
  • Provides space for professional development


  • The field is extremely dynamic
  • Constantly stay up to date with the trends
  • Continuous learning

Digital Marketer

Job Profile: A digital marketer works for a brand’s strong online presence by connecting to potential customers through online platforms by advertising and marketing using specified strategies. Digital marketing uses online channels such as search engines, social media, websites, email, sms and apps to sell products and services.


  • A bachelor’s degree from any field
  • Knowledge of digital media
  • Knowledge of marketing
  • Data analysis
  • SEO and SEM
  • Basic coding and design skills
  • Strong communication skills
  • Knowledge of relevant tools and platforms

Schedule: A digital marketer can work from home or the office. Need a computer/a laptop with speed internet. Usually 5 days a week.

Salary: Digital marketer salary ranges from ₹2.2L to ₹6.4L per year; it varies across time, place and experience. One can earn much more than that, provided one has the necessary skills and work experience.


  • Decent salary
  • Extends to diverse branches
  • Work from your comfort home
  • New challenges every day
  • Result driven field
  • Work for multiple employers


  • Long seated hours
  • Strategies can be copied
  • Constant learning
  • Companies directly rely on you for results
  • Takes time to see the results


Job Profile: As a copywriter, you will prepare content that persuades customers. You work closely with product and service teams and advertisement teams. You write, edit and publish content on print and broadcast media for marketing. You do creative descriptions that are engaging and compelling.


  • A bachelor’s degree is recommended in marketing/journalism/English/advertising or relevant disciplines
  • Knowledge of content strategies and planning
  • Proficiency in proofreading and editing
  • Knowledge of content management systems
  • Knowledge of a variety of writing styles

Schedule: There are in-house as well as work-from-home opportunities. Depending on the agency, working days are 5-6 per week.

Salary: Salary ranges from ₹1.8L to ₹6.4L and is subject to the place, company, and experience.


  • Work opportunities are numerous
  • The field is diverse and fills your creative thirst
  • Flexibility
  • It opens up many branches
  • Can build a strong portfolio


  • Stress
  • Creative burnout
  • Limitations
  • Takes time to master it
  • Highly result driven

Junior Research Analyst

Job Profile: If you are a research fanatic, this is the right one. As a research analyst, your work involves research, collection, evaluation and interpretation of data, assisting with protocols, preparing assessment reports, etc. Knowledge of various fields, such as marketing, business, finance etc., is necessary for efficient functioning.


  • Bachelor’s degree in marketing/business/finance/commerce/economics/statistics or similar discipline.
  • Knowledge of financial analysis
  • Knowledge of predictive modelling
  • Mathematical and analytical skills
  • Strategy and planning

Schedule: the work location and timings are flexible. You can opt for in-house roles or home-based work. It is a 5 day per week work.

Salary: A junior research analyst’s salary ranges from ₹1.8L to ₹9L, depending on the company and expertise.


  • Salary and financial benefits are high
  • You get to work in teams
  • You get to build relationships from fields across
  • Good career prospect


  • Long work hours
  • Stress levels are high
  • Travel sometimes
  • Competition is fierce

Media Coordinator

Job Profile: As a media coordinator or online business manager, you communicate your business and reach out to potential customers.

You manage business marketing communications by creating and editing compelling content for your media portals. You plan, execute and handle various media and advertising handles. You take care of the communications relations of the business.


  • Bachelor’s degree in media/communications etc
  • Expert copywriting and content marketing skills
  • Proficiency in targeted communications
  • Ability to run advertising campaigns
  • Project management skills
  • Attention to details
  • Strategy and planning

Schedule: In-house and work-from-home facility is provided. You can choose. Depending on the agency, work timing may need to sync with international timings. So you get to work in shifts. 5 days a week.

Salary: The common salary range for this role is seen from ₹2L to ₹8.9L per year. Depending on the company and expertise, it varies.


  • Variety of opportunities
  • Creative and innovative
  • Lucrative financial rewards
  • Networking becomes easier
  • Flexibility
  • Dynamic work culture


  • Constantly changing
  • The field is highly competitive
  • Job insecurity
  • Working hours are unpredictable due to differences in timelines
  • Stress

Online Tutor

Job Profile:  A virtual tutor experienced in a specified subject may help the students with their course material, help with homework and assignments, familiarize them with concepts and prepare them for examinations. They are in charge of instruction, evaluation and tracking student learning and progress.


  • diploma/degree in the respective field
  • Work experience in the respective field is often required
  • Ability to supervise
  • Communicate effectively
  • Bond healthily
  • Optimistic, patient, flexible and cooperative

Schedule: An online tutor’s schedule is flexible and excellent for working from home. Working days range from 5-7, depending on the agency.

Salary: Average salary of an online tutor is around ₹2.4L to ₹5.8L. It also depends on the agency, expertise and place.


  • Demand is evergreen
  • You can teach several subjects. There is no limit
  • No initial investment is required
  • Provides the utmost convenience because you get to be your boss
  • Flexible timings


  • Though timings are flexible, working hours are longer
  • Takes time and effort to become to reach success
  • They often have to be patient, but due to academic pressures, they often face stress.
  • No financial growth
  • Hard to handle parents and complaints

Financial Advisor

Job Profile: They get in direct touch with the clients and advise on their financial investments, taking their clients’ finances under consideration.

They give strategic advice on financial products and services such as investments, portfolios, insurance, and debt management. They give guidance to their client’s secure and progressive financial discourse.


  • Degree in finance or other relevant disciplines
  • Relevant experience
  • Business management skills
  • Critical thinking
  • Knowledge of market conditions
  • Wealth management
  • Knowledge on banking and investments

Schedule: Depending on the agency, financial advisors can work in-office or from home. Their work days generally include 5 days per week.

Salary: The average salary ranges from ₹2.5L to ₹7.8L per year and highly depends on performance and client satisfaction.


  • Flexible schedule
  • Unlimited earning potential
  • Tailor one’s expertise around market needs
  • Chance to build a strong portfolio


  • Stressful job due to competition
  • Constraint change in prospects
  • High compliance and regulation

Customer Service Advisor

Job Profile: A customer service advisor ensures customer satisfaction by resolving all their issues and answering their queries regarding a company’s product or service. They work as a bridge between customers, the technical team and the product team. They maintain proper communication and ensure efficient functioning.


  • Impeccable verbal and written communication skills
  • Ability to listen patiently
  • Calm demeanor in stressful situations
  • Ability to accept criticism
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Knowledge of persuasive talking

Schedule: Hours are flexible, and work days include 5 per week generally. It is highly based on the agency. Often work for international clients.

Salary: The average salary range of a customer service advisor is 1.8L to 4L.


  • Earn bonuses and commissions
  • Entry-level job opportunities
  • Opportunity for growth


  • Huge responsibility
  • Work irregular shifts
  • Stressful to handle customer issues


Job Profile: The job description of a telecaller includes collecting contact information and details of a given prospect list, cold calling active and potential clients for the purchase of a product or service, addressing customer’s complaints and grievances within the stipulated time and noting necessary information in important calls and relaying it to higher officials.


  • Any diploma or degree
  • Certifications in sales and marketing
  • Persuasiveness and persistence
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Sales and marketing knowledge

Schedule: Depending on the agency or the company, it is a 5-day per week work. It includes work with international clients, so around-the-clock work is available.

Salary: The average salary of a telemarketer is 1.5L to 2.8L per annum. It varies based on shift, calls made, experience, agency etc.


  • Entry level opportunity
  • Great learning experience
  • Develop personal skills


  • Monotonous work
  • Stress due to irregular shifts
  • Less pay

Final Note

Whether you are a student, a stay-at-home mom, looking for an extra source of income, or just like to work from home; there are numerous opportunities here in Allahabad. You are just a search away. Avail these services to your benefit by leveraging your skills. Stop contemplating on selecting and jump on the cart of freedom. You will not regret it.

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