English Grammar Aptitude Test Questions Answers pdf

English Grammar Aptitude Test Questions Answers pdf are very useful for students preparing for competitive exams such as IBPS PO, SBI PO, SSC CGL, and RBI Grade.

It is also useful for other competitive exams including RRB JE SSE, IBPS SO, IBPS Clerk, SSC CHSL, and RRB ALP.

English Grammar Aptitude Test Questions Answers pdf

Dear Readers, In this article we are sharing English Grammar Aptitude Test Questions Answers pdf. Candidates who are preparing for all competitive exams can use this material for your preparation.

Grammar is the main component of the English language. This will tell you how you have to speak in the right way, which types of sentences are used in speaking, what is the meaning of that sentence that you want to speak? So that a correct meaning will come out and the front ones are better understood your language and your thought.

But if you are having any kind of difficulty in using grammar or understand grammar, due to which you will hesitate to speak, and your English is getting weak somewhere, please read this book and guide yourself with this English Grammar Aptitude Test Question and Answers Pdf, which will help you to a great extent in your career or in your any government competitive examination.

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English Grammar Aptitude Test Questions Answers pdf

English Grammar Aptitude Test Questions

Speaking already

Q1 Can you hear what he is …….?

(a) saying (b) speaking (c) telling (d) talking

Q2 She hasn’t come home ……..

(a) still (b) already (c) yet (d) till

Q3 I ……. TV yesterday evening.

(a) saw (b) looked (c) viewed (d) watched

Q4 We live ……. the city centre.

(a) near (b) next (c) by (d) nearby

Q5 She looks ……. a famous film star.

(a) as (b) like (c) similar (d) same

Q6 This television gives you the ……. news.

(a) last (b) latest (c) least (d) later

Q7 I only ……. one mistake in last night’s test.

(a) made (b) done (c) did (d) make

Q8 I want you to tell me the ……. truth.

(a) all (b) exact (c) real (d) whole

Q9 He is looking ……. a present to buy his girlfriend.

(a) for (b) at (c) in (d) on

Q10 That’s what I would like ……. Christmas.

(a) for (b) at (c) in (d) on

Common Errors English Grammar Book PDF

Drive carefully

Q1 You must not drink and then ……. a car.

(a) lead (b) drive (c) take (d) guide

Q2 Please be ……. when you cross this road.

(a) careless (b) carefree (c) caring (d) careful

Q3 Do what you like, I really don’t ……..

(a) concern (b) interested (c) dislike (d) mind

Q4 If you want to ……. that book remember to bring it back.

(a) borrow (b) lend (c) loan (d) owe

Q5 When your train arrives, I’ll ……. you from the station.

(a) take (b) bring (c) fetch (d) remove

Q6 I always get ……. early in the summer.

(a) up (b) over (c) through (d) on

Q7 When you first meet someone, you usually shake them ……. the hand.

(a) with (b) on (c) in (d) by

Q8 I have never ……. her before.

(a) saw (b) seeing (c) seen (d) see

Q9 The teacher asked her students to do their ……..

(a) housework (b) homework (c) home duty (d) house job

Q10 The police officer told the children always to tell the ……..

(a) true (b) facts (c) information (d) truth

If you want to do your best in every competitive examination like SSC, CGL, CHSL, MTS, Stenographer and etc. But due to deficiency in grammar, you are not able to give your good or best, or you are not able to do well in your career, due to which you have to face some frustration and depression.

Now you sleep tension-free and fully focus on your studies, we have brought for you a book, which will eliminate every one of your stress and will help you to be a good student and for your bright future to a great extent.

  • You will get the basic concept of Grammar in a good amount of content.
  • In this PDF, you will get a communicable language; due to this, you can easily understand everything.

English Grammar Aptitude Test Questions Answers pdf download link

All the topics you need to know about are covered in detail in the book. A lot of solved questions are included on all the topics that aspirants must know in order to pass their exams. The book explains all the topics very concisely. Last but not least, the book also provides answers to all the questions.

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