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RS Aggarwal Quantitative Aptitude Pdf for Competitive Examinations

You are preparing for a competitive exam and looking for a book to help you with practice questions? Rs Aggarwal Quantitative aptitude pdf is the answer to your conundrum.

Click Here to Download RS Aggarwal Pdf

It is the perfect book to refer to when you are preparing for any kinds of competitive or entrance exams. It is a great book if you’re preparing for exams like UPSC, Banking, SSC, IBPS, RBI, Railway, Police, Defense. It has been proven to be really helpful for beginners.

It is one of the most popular books for aspirants. RS Aggarwal Quantitative Aptitude Pdf covers almost all types of aptitude and data interpretations questions and answers. Simple and clear language is used throughout, making them easy to understand.

This pdf is very important for any competitive exam.

Contents RS Aggarwal Quantitative Aptitude PDF

  1.  Numbers
  2. H.C.F. & L.C.M. of Numbers
  3. Decimal Fractions
  4. Simplification
  5. Square Roots & Cube RootsWhole numbers problems Permutations and Combination
  6. Decimals problems
  7. Problems on Trains
  8.  Fractions problems
  9.  Numbers and Ages
  10.  Percentage problems
  11.  Boats and Streams
  12.  Ratio & Proportion
  13.  Pipes and Cistern
  14.  Square roots
  15.  Surds and Indices
  16.  Averages
  17.  Interest
  18.  Heights and Distances
  19.  Profit and Loss
  20.  Discount
  21.  Partnership
  22.  Business
  23.  Permutations and Combination
  24.  Mixture and Alligation
  25.  Time and distance Series
  26.  Time & Work
  27.  The Data Interpretation part covers Tabulation.
  28. Volume & Surface Areas
  29. Races & Games of Skill
  30. Calendar
  31. Clocks
  32. Stocks & Shares
  33. Permutations & Combinations
  34. Probability
  35. True Discount
  36. Banker’s Discount
  37. Heights & Distances
  38. Odd Man Out & Series
  39. Section- II Data Interpretation
  40. Tabulation
  41. Bar Graphs
  42. Pie Charts
  43. Line Graphs

Download Arun Sharma Quantitative Aptitude book pdf 2021

Sharing copyrighted materials, such as books, may be illegal without the owner’s permission. If you download copyrighted materials without permission, you could face legal consequences.

Rs Aggarwal pdf is the best book you can 1nd to help you clear out the quantitative aptitude section. In every competitive exam, this book is suggested, or you can say in preparation for placement too. The pattern is really good. First, it will cover all basic questions, which are covered in solved questions, and also, you will get many more questions in that book.

RS Aggarwal Quantitative Aptitude Pdf Details

First, the book has detailed information about all the topics you’ll need to know about. It also has a lot of solved questions on all the topics aspirants need to know about to clear their exams. Furthermore, it explains all the topics in a very concise manner. Lastly, it also provides the solutions to all the questions at the end of the book.

The book is a great product of S Chand Publishing house and written by esteemed doctor RS Aggarwal, so there’s no question of its authenticity.

The book contains more than 5500 questions for you to practice from. They have an easy-to-grasp theory complemented by questions and examples. With the latest updated questions, you can catch up with the Rs Aggarwal Quantitative Aptitude book. It will be really helpful in improving your quantitative aptitude abilities, mathematics, and reasoning ability skills.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is Rs Aggarwal good for Bank Exams?

Ans. RS Aggarwal’s book is one of the best books to prepare for Bank exam.

Q2. Is RS Aggarwal enough for an SBI clerk?

Ans. Yes, for sure. Rs Aggarwal is enough for SBI Clerk, PO, SO, and others.

Q3. What are the prices of the Rs Aggarwal Quantitative Aptitude book?

Ans. The price varies from 380-400 depending on where you buy it from, such as Amazon, Flipkart, or other sites.

Q4. What are easy topics in Rs Aggarwal Quantitative Aptitude?

Ans. Miscellaneous Topics (These are ‚Äď Work & Time, Speed, Time & Distance, Simple & Compound Interest, Pro1t & Loss, Ratio & Proportion, Problems on Partnership, Ages, Permutation & Combination, Probability, Percentage & Averages, Mixture & Allegations, Boats, and Streams, etc.).

Q5. How to score good marks in a competitive exam?

Ans. All you need to do is thoroughly study Rs Aggarwal’s Quantitative Aptitude book, and you’ll be able to tackle the worst of the questions without any di culty.

Q6. How to solve Rs Aggarwal Quantitative Aptitude?

Ans. Rs Aggarwal’s book comes with solutions on its back. Just download or buy the book, and you’ll be good to go to the part of the answer. You’ll be able to 1nd detailed answers to all the questions.

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