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Psychological aptitude test book by Kiran Prakashan Pdf download

Psychological aptitude test book by Kiran Prakashan Pdf: Hey readers, we are back with a new post where we are going to discuss an amazing book apart from the ones in your school/ University syllabus.

Anyone who is reading this article is going to get a lot of information about the book.

If the aspirants of ASM, assistant loco pilot or motorman exams are reading this post then it will benefit a lot in the future.

I would request the readers to share this as much as possible so that the students who are unknown to the books may get the information about this book.

Yes, we are here talking about the psychological aptitude test book by Kiran Prakashan pdf.

Keep reading to know more about the book and we will clear the topics related to what is the book about? Where can you find it? How can you access the pdf for free? And many more details.

Kiran’s Psychological Aptitude Test Book pdf

Aptitude is considered a natural ability. It means the ability to do something which is inbuilt in you already, we can use the abilities you naturally have in yourself [natural talents]

Some of the examples to be considered in one aptitude:

  • To do certain things easily and quickly.
  • Some of them had little such as dance on music talents for drawing.
  • Write some are too good in art and painting for making different things by grafting (best out of waste).
  • Some people have the natural ability to perform every task with full potential and perfection whether it is related to any field.
  • We usually call them all-rounders.

These are some of the examples of the abilities that won contain in them since birth and they mostly appear in one’s behaviour also.

∆Like in the movie “Panga” [the latest Bollywood movie of Kangana Ranaut which was based on Kabaddi]. We can take the character of Jaya Nigam as an example of aptitude.

We saw her in a habit of kicking every time, even at night. This behaviour was due to his natural abilities in sports.

I think this was the best example to explain the meaning of aptitude.

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What is an Aptitude Test

Sometimes people are unable to recognise their talents. Definition of difficulty to find what is naturally good in them.

Therefore, an aptitude test is done which tells the ability and skills of a person.

After giving an aptitude test you audible to check the level of your mind and how much knowledge you have gained till now about the world.

You must have attempted many exams in school or universities. An aptitude test is also one of the tests they organise while admission to check how much talented the student is.

Nowadays aptitude-test has been a need for the students to know about themselves, to know where they stand in a society filled with tough competitors.

Psychological aptitude test book by Kiran Prakashan Pdf free download

Kiran’s Psychological aptitude test book pdf download

The features of the psychological aptitude test book pdf by Kiran Prakashan are

  • Book Name: Kiran’s psychological aptitude test book
  • Author: Kiran Prakashan
  • Format: pdf format
  • Size: 9Mb size
  • Quality: good quality
  • Pages: 112 pages
  • Publication: Kiran Prakashan
  • Language: English

Psychological aptitude test book by Kiran Prakashan

A psychological aptitude test book to test your aptitude is a book by Kiran Prakashan. Apart from physical skills, it is more important to know your inner skills and strength. For this, you need to study your mind to get a full record of its behaviour and habits.

The aim to organise a psychological aptitude test is to have better knowledge of your own strengths and weaknesses. It helps to identify the places where you need to work on to get more effective results.

Knowing the importance of the psychological test some of the students may be confused about how to prepare for the test or how to improve their general skills.

Psychological aptitude test questions and answers PDF book will help you a lot in this.

Why choose only this book

Although there are many books available on the internet for increasing your aptitude but Kiran’s Psychological test book pdf rules on the top among all of them and has its own unique effects on the students.

You will find yourself more confident after reading this book because you get a lot to know and it provides what you actually need.

Apart from this, when you are dedicated to achieving some big goal your primary goal is to find where you are making mistakes. And once you recognise them you are no far from success.

You begin to build up your mind and are just in a search of opportunity. At that time this book proves to be your best friend.

Psychological aptitude test PDF is a book that not only helps in exams like SSC or other psychological exams but is also beneficial for non-aspirants, no matter from which field you belong.

Content of the book

  • The book provides 15 practice sets with 5 models previous year solved papers for the aspirants of assistant loco exam pilot and assistant station master exams.
  • Kiran’s psychological aptitude test book pdf provides you solved papers for ALP and ASM exams and also the model test papers(practice sets) for motorman exams, psychological aptitude test separately.
  • They have also provided a facility of model OMR for the student’s practice so that they can keep a handset on the procedure to begin the exam by filling the OMR sheet first.
  • Otherwise, some of the students take too much time to fill the OMR sheet if they are new to it.
  • The book contains a test series by which students are able to measure the perceptual speed and depth of their minds.
  • They are able to know how much ability does their brain have to follow the directions.
  • The other ways in which it is helpful is for testing the memory, personality, spatial damming, selective attention.

So basically it is known as an intelligence test by the students. You can easily get access to it by the link mentioned below.

Psychological aptitude test book by Kiran Prakashan PDF download link

Click Here to Download Psychological aptitude test book pdf


Kiran’s psychological aptitude test book pdf is based on the new pattern and covers the whole syllabus of the SSC, AMR and many more competitive exams.

This book is beneficial if you are an aspirant of any psychological aptitude test. We have mentioned above the link for Kiran’s psychological aptitude test book pdf download.

The book is written and published by Kiran Prakashan has covered all the necessary topics to work on your strengths and weaknesses.

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