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Input-output Reasoning is a question type, where the candidate is given some kind of word and number arrangements. With each subsequent operations, the arrangements of the words and number changes. These operations are performed until final arrangements is reached or is performed in a loop.

Input-Output Reasoning is one of the most frequent questions asked in the various competitive exam. It must be noted that mostly 3 – 4 questions can be asked from this topic, if you prepare in a proper way you can easily crack the question

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How to solve Input – Output Reasoning Questions Tips & Shortcuts:-

There are some tips and tricks that may help you to solve the input – output questions easily.

• First of all ,you must read the question carefully and analyse the steps based on which the output is given. Once you carefully see the steps. You shall be able to catch the pattern that is being followed to get the output.
• Use, Tabular form while solving the question as the length of the Input may be longer and may make the solution even more confusing.
• Do not try to solving this type of question verbally as you may miss a few terms and steps and end up answering the questions wrongly.
• If , you understand the method then try applying the same to the input given to be solved

Let see some examples of this topic to understand it’s carefully.

Direction (1to 3) : Answer the question on the basic of the information given below.

•A number arrangements machine when give an input of word rearrange them following a particular rule in each step.The following is an illustration of Input and Steps of rearrangement.

Input: Above has worked but as the marketing officer.

Step 1: Above as bus has worked but marketing officer.
Step 2: Above as but has worked marketing officer
Step 3 : Above as but has marketing worked Officer
Step 4 : above as but has Marketing officer worked.

This is the final rearrangement and step 4 is the last step for this input.

(1) which of the following steps will be the last but one for the following input ?
Sol – 3rd

(2) what is the position of the pattern from the left from the end in step 2 of the above input ?
Sol – 4th

(3) which of the following steps will be the last for the following input ?
Sol – 2nd

• A word and number arrangements machine , when give an input line of word and number, rearrange them following a different rule in each step. The following is an illustration of Input and rearrangement.

Input : nature create nothing useless without purpose

Step 1 : accert aentru eelsssu eopprsu ghinnot hiottuw.

Step 2 : 45 41 31 27 24 11

Step 3 : 8 8 26

Step 4: 16 52

Step 5 : 16

Step 5 the last step of the arrangements.

Following the same method to solve the input(solve the question).

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