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Grammar Degree of comparison Rules with Example 2024

Adjective and Adverb change in form to show comparison is called Degree of Comparison.

Kinds of Degree of Comparison:-

(1) Positive Degree
(2) Comparative Degree
(3) Superlative Degree

‚ÄĘ Positive Degree:-
Positive degree is used when no comparison
is made.
Rule-(1) S+ to be + as + adj + as

(2)   S+ to be + as + adv +as

Eg- Ram is old.
Hari is rich.
India is as powerful as China.

‚ÄĘComparative degree:-
Comparative degree is used to compare two
person or two thing with each other.
Rule- After adjective or adverb use then.
Eg- Mohan is older than Moti.
Diya is slower in work than Shyam.
Hari is richer than Riya.

‚ÄĘ Superlative Degree:-
Superlative Degree is used to compare more
than two thing or person.
Rule- (1) S + to be + the + adj + est.

(2) S+ to be + the + adv + est.

Eg- Lead is the heaviest metal.
Hari is the strongest boy in his class.
Hari is the richest man in this town.

Positive¬† ¬† –¬† ¬† ¬† Dark.¬† ¬†Tall.¬† ¬† ¬†Useful
Comparative -Darker  Taller  more useful
Superlative –¬† Darkest¬† Tallest¬† most useful

Rule’s of Degree of Comparison:-

(1) If a single quality is compared between two persons more or most are to be used.
Eg- She us wiser than her brother.(√ó).
She is more wiser than her brother.(‚úď).
(2) when two qualities if a single person is a single person or a single thing is compared more is used with t
the first adjective even if it is single word.
Eg- He is wiser than Shreya(√ó).
He is more wiser than Shreya(‚úď).
(3) Double comparatives or superlatives are no longer used.
Eg- These shoes are more suitable than those(√ó).
These shoes are suitable to those(‚úď).
(4).The adjective which give absolute sense do not take more or most with them.similarly, we cannot say ‘more parallel’ or ‘more square’ or ‘more unique’ etc.
Eg- The shirt is more perfect than that(√ó).

This shirt is perfect and the other is not(‚úď).
(5) The following adjective are followed by to and not by than.
Eg- My sister is elder than me(√ó).
My sister is elder to me(‚úď).
(6) Similar things should be compared when we compare two things.
Eg- The speed of this car is greater than the old one(√ó).
The speed of this car is greater than that of the old one(‚úď).
(7) when a comparatives degree is used in the superlative sense.
Eg- He is better than any student of his class(√ó).
He is better than any other student in his class(‚úď).
(8) when two adjectives in different degrees of comparison is used in the same sentence both should be complete in itself.
Eg- He is as bad if not better than his brother (√ó).
He is as bad as if not better than his brother (‚úď).
(9) A comparative degree should be used when we compare more than two.
Eg- Among the three who are more hard-working (√ó).
Among the three who are the most hard-working (‚úď).
(10) When “Than or As “are followed by the First and the second person pronouns verb can be excluded but not in the case of the pronouns of the third person.
Eg- He is not as clever as his brother (√ó).
He is not as clever as his brother is(‚úď).

‚Äʬ† Let see some comparative and superlative form of adjective and adverb.

A. Positive  Comparative(+er).   Superlative(est)

Bright             Brighter.                     Brightest

Long                Longer                       Longest                Hard                  Harder                      Hardest

B. Positive.   Comparative (+r).       Superlative (+st).

Brave             Braver                         Bravest

Large             Larger                        Largest

Fine                Finer                          Finest

C. Positive    Comparative (   Superlative(+..est).

Fat                   Fatter                         Fattest

Big                   Bigger                        Biggest

Sad                   Sadder                        Saddest

D. Positive¬† ¬†Comparative (¬† ¬† Superlative (I+…est)

Easy                    Easier                              Easiest

Lazy                    Lazier                             Laziest

Happy                  Happier                        Happiest

E. Positive          Comparative            Superlative(

(More positive/       ( most positive

Less positive)              Least positive  )

Beautiful            More beautiful         Most beautiful

Less  beautiful             Least beautiful

Careful               More careful            Most careful

Less careful              Least careful

careless              More careless.            Most careless

Less careless               Least careless

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