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Lucent English Grammar Book PDF

Lucent English Grammar Book PDF: We all have a good idea about how important and essential is the English language. Grammar plays an important role in learning and understanding of the language. From childhood to college and to our professional life, many people struggle to deal with Grammar. They are always in a hurry to find the perfect book to study. Read out this article to find out about a very comprehensive Grammar – Lucent English Grammar Book.

Lucent English Grammar Book – Overview

The Lucent English Grammar Book is a comprehensive guide for students. Those people who are preparing for any competitive exams such as SSC, JAIIB, CAIIB or even UPSC can use this book to study English Grammar.

It has been published by Lucent Publications and the author of this book is A.K Thakur. The book was originally published in 2015. There are many chapters available in this book that help students to understand difficult grammar concepts in an easy way. From Nouns to Pronouns, from Synonyms to Antonyms, you can find anything in this book.

There are concepts that have been explained both in Hindi and English. There are full-length explanations present for each topic. If you want to test your basic understanding of any concept, you fill separate exercises for that at the end of every chapter. Also, there are simple mock tests available that help you to assess your ability.

Even if you are preparing a government job interview or even an exam for a simple government job, then you can easily use this book to improve your grammar. Students who want a high-level study of grammar for board exams can also study through this and ace their exams.


The Lucent English Grammar Book contains a total of 39 chapters that cover all the important topics of grammar. They actually teach you grammar for scratch. The book has a total of 730 pages.

  1. Syntax
  2. Articles
  3. Nouns
  4. Pronouns
  5. Nouns and The Number
  6. Nouns and the Gender
  7. Adjectives
  8. Nouns and The Case
  9. Interchange of Degrees of Comparison
  10. Time and Tense
  11. Narration
  12. Verb
  13. Removal of Too
  14. Adverbs
  15. Verb Form
  16. Auxiliary Verb
  17. Voice
  18. Prepositions
  19. Conjunctions
  20. Non – Finites
  21. Transformation of Sentences
  22. Emphatic with Do/Does/Did
  23. Common Errors
  24. Correction of Sentences
  25. Synthesis
  26. Analysis of Sentences
  27. Question Tags
  28. Synonyms
  29. Antonyms
  30. One Word Substitution
  31. Words Often Confused
  32. Idioms
  33. Foreign Words and Phrases
  34. Phrases
  35. Phrasal Verbs
  36. Proverbs
  37. Spelling Test
  38. Miscellaneous
  39. Same Word used as Different Parts of Speech

You can buy this helpful from many online shopping sites such as Amazon and Flipkart.

Buy this book on Amazon

Buy this book on Flipkart

The book can be bought at reasonable prices from different trusted sites.

The price of Lucent English Grammar Book is Rupees 267 or Amazon and Rupees 340 on Flipkart.

Lucent English Grammar Book PDF

In today’s online world, PDFs are gaining intense popularity. The Lucent English Grammar Book, which is very important to aspiring students is now available in PDF format. The file has a size of 166 MegaBytes and has a total of 39 chapters on 730 pages.

Download the PDF file here.


We all have a habit of neglecting English and then getting upset over getting less marks in the same. English is not easy. You have to study each and every concept in the best way possible. Only then will the things called exams not haunt you in the worst possible way. The questions that you face in your competitive exams are not at all going to be easy.

So, get ready and grab your copy of the Lucent English Grammar Book to study for the upcoming competitive exam effectively. Be it SSC, MBA, Bank Exam or any other exam, if you have this book, then English is on your fingertips.

Give this a share so that your friends can also enjoy the perks of this awesome book.

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