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Public Address system is an electrical sound amplification system which allows a person’s voice, music,to be heared throughout a large building or area. A PA system may include multiple microphone and other sound resource to combine and modify multiple sources and loudspeaker for louder volume , greater coverage or wider distribution such as that required to provide sound throughout and entertainment venues or an outdoor environment

Types of Public Address System

Small System – The Smallest PA system consists of a microphone an amplifier and one or more loudspeaker. It is required 50 to 2000 watts of power . It is used mainly in small Venue like School Auditorium, churches, and shop , hotel etc.

Large System – The Largest PA System required 1000 to 3000 volt of power. It is used mainly in building, campus, industrial site or an entire outdoor complex.

PA over IP – PA over IP is refer to PA paging and intercom system that use an internet protocol (IP)
Network .It is used to distribute audio signal
to paging location across a building or campus or anywhere else in the reach of the IP network. It is required 6 watt of power .

WMT PA System – Wireless Mobile Telephony PA System refers to PA paging and System that used any firm of Wireless Mobile Telephony system such as GSM network. It is used to distribute audio signal to paging location across building, campus or anywhere else.

Long Line PA – A long line Public Address System is any public address system with a distributed Architecture normally across a wide geographic area. It is used mainly in rail , light rail and metro industries from one or more locations.

Small Venue System – It is used mainly in Small clubs, bars and coffeehouses use a fairly simple set-up, with front of house speaker cabinets which aimed at the audience, and monitor speaker cabinets main aim to back at the performer. So, they can hear their vocals and instruments.

Large Venue System – Large System is much better than other Public Address System. The portable sound system recommend drive large ,heavy duty loudspeaker amplifiers.
It required 100 watt of power .

Advantages of Public Address System

•A public Address system gives an immediate way to address everyone at a location or any other location.
•PA System easily cut background noise .
• It is relatively easy to maintain.
• Communication is crucial to the success of any large organizations because of PA System.
• PA System are perfect for locating individual in a large group

Disadvantages of Public Address System

• Poor Sence of Sound
• System complexity,high cost
• It is easily lead to whistle and much volume on the microphone
• PA system is not suitable for small scale, multi function or hall meeting.

Components of Public Address System

• Speaker – Main speaker , subwoofer & Monitor
• Amplifiers – it needed only if using passive speakers
• Audio Mixer – Analog or Digital
• Speaker Processors
• Microphones – Dynamic or Condenser
• Effect – only used if needed
• DI Box – Direct Injection Box
• Cables and Accessories

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Terminology of Public Address System

• Intelligibility- It aim to achieve any comprehension of the spoken word
• Stability
• Clarity
• Linearity
• Natural – The PA system sound balance are natural.
• Uniform Sounds Coverage
• Adequate Sound Label
• Adequate ratio of direct to Indirect sound
• Adequate SNR

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The main function of PA system is to increase apparent volume of a human voice , musical instruments, other Acoustic sound source , recorded sound or music.

Requirement of Public Address System

•It must avoid the acoustic feedback
• Distribute the sound intensity uniformly
• It Reduce reverberations
• It must use proper speaker orientation
• Select proper microphones and loud speaker
• PA System should create a sense of direction
• Loud speaker impedances should be matched properly
•Proper grounding should be provided
• Use closed area connection for loud speakers

Factors to be considered before buying any PA System

•The output power of the P.A. system should be sufficient for a giving application
• The Number of microphones are given that can be connected at the input
•Provision to connect a tape recorder or CD player at its input
•Provision of a tone control/graphic equaliser circuit
•Facility of operating the P.A. system on the DC batteries in the event of power fail
•Separate amplitude control for each input microphone
•Number of speakers that can be given driven by the P.A. system
• Always buy small Size, low weight and least cost PA System
•Guarantee for reliable operation and after sale service.

I think it’s enough for your knowledge about Public Address System .Further information, stay with us .

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