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Shankar IAS Environment 8th edition pdf is very useful when you are preparing for the UPSC exam like IAS, PCS, Indian Forest Service Examination, & other competitive exams.

This Shankar IAS environment pdf is very important for all exams. Download this pdf from the given links and start your preparation.

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Everything around us is Environment, and learning about it is an essential part of our lives. Everybody should know the basics to have good knowledge about things around us. It becomes further more important to learn the subject from an exam point of view.

The environment is chosen as a subject by many students for competitive exams. Hence to get through the examination, one needs to learn well about the Environment section. Good study material is always required and becomes very helpful to achieve good marks in these sections.

Shankar IAS Environment Pdf helps students to pass through competitive exams in a simplified manner. It has various benefits, all the topics covered in detail, published by a trusted author and also the academy which publishes also offers online classes if one would like to take them.

Shankar IAS Environment 8th edition pdf

Shankar IAS Environment 8th edition pdf deatils

Book Name Shankar IAS Environment
Edition Latest 8th Edition 2023
Language English
Publisher Shankar IAS Academy
Pages 364


Part 1- Environmental Ecology

  • Ecology
  • Functions of an Ecosystem
  • Terrestrial ecosystem
  • Aquatic ecosystem
  • Environmental pollution
  • Renewable energy
  • Environmental issues
  • Environmental impact assessment

Part 2- Biodiversity

  • Biodiversity
  • Indian biodiversity
  • Schedule Animals of WPA, 1972
  • Animal diversity of India
  • Plant diversity of India
  • Marine organism
  • Protected area network
  • Conservation efforts

Part 3- Climate Change

  • Climate change
  • Ocean acidification
  • Ocean depletion
  • Impact climate change- India
  • Mitigation strategies
  • India and climate change
  • Climate change organizations

Part 4- Agriculture

  • Agriculture
  • Acts and policies
  • Institutions and measures
  • Environmental organizations
  • International environmental conventions
  • Environment issues and health effects

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Benefits of Shankar IAS Environment Book Pdf

It is constructed in a manner that all students can easily get through the competitive exams. This book has all the domains of the environment subject covered and combined at one place.  The book has been updated according to the latest exam syllabus of the exam.

Testing your knowledge after learning is great to crack the main exams; this book helps you do that as well. It has previous year solved sample papers which help you evaluate the type of questions asked and understand the exam pattern thoroughly.

The language of the Shankar IAS Environment pdf is kept very simple and easy to understand, keeping in mind that students do not face any problems while studying. The content in the book is also presented in a manner that students can engage in the book and not find it hard to study. It has flowcharts, tables, and content is broken down into sub-topics as well as well-defined pointers. It also has various boxes within the content to cover facts about the topics involved in the book.

Price for Shankar IAS Environment Book pdf

Shankar IAS Environment pdf is freely available on the author’s blog, and it is easy to access. One does not need to worry about the buying cost and simply can focus on the study material. This also shows the good nature of the author to provide the material to whoever requires it despite seeking any monetary benefit from the pdf.

Shankar IAS Environment pdf has helped many Civil Services Aspirants to reach their goal. It has a positive response from students from all around the country.

Reasons to choose this Shankar IAS Academy:

  • Great Past Results
  • Student Achiever Interaction
  • Extensive Test Series
  • Free Interview Guidance
  • Trusted Academy
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Shankar IAS Environment pdf is a complete guide to the environment subject for competitive exams. It has great benefits and is well constructed. It is easily available and is free of cost. The syllabus covered in the book is according to the latest exam syllabus and does not miss anything.


Question – What is the latest edition of the Shankar IAS environment?

Answer – Shankar IAS environment pdf 7th edition is the latest.

Question – How to download Shankar IAS Environment Pdf?

Answer – One can directly go to the author’s blog and download it. You will also be able to download it when you simply ask for it by browsing on the internet.

Question – What should we study in the environment for UPSC?

AnswerFor UPSC Prelims – General issues on Environmental Ecology, Biodiversity and Climate Change and For UPSC Mains – Technology, Economic Development, Bio-diversity, Environment, Security and Disaster Management