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Exams Required To Study in USA

This might be a dream of lots of students to study abroad and get a degree from a well-known university or college but it is seen that many students often face a struggle to understand the procedures and requirements needed to apply in a foreign University as an international Student.  In this article, we will be talking about  the Exams Required To Study in the USA.

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The first on the list of the exams required to study in USA is Standardized testing.


In most of the US Universities, Standard test plays an important factor in an application and is used for evaluating students for selection.

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So, here the main question usually arises is that what’s the need of Standardized test and why are they needed?

The answer is simple, Most Universities/colleges consider the standardized test as a major factor of their admission application to check the level of learning the student has acquired throughout their high school and if the student is prepared to match the level of the curriculum taught. Since different students come from different high schools around the world and have different learning and teaching environment. some of the tests are SAT and ACT(for undergraduate admissions), GRE ( for graduate admissions), GMAT(to apply for business schools).

There are different Standardized Tests taken for both Undergraduate and Graduate Students. We will be discussing these tests in details later on.

On number second, the exam required to study in USA is English Proficiency Exams.


After Standardized testing, An University requires every International applicant to take an English Proficiency Exam whose first language isn’t English as most of the foreign universities offer their courses in English, They want the applicant to be proficient or well aware with the English language.

TOEFL and IELTS are particularly the most considered or taken English Proficiency Tests. Most of the US colleges/Universities consider TOEFL while IELTS is preferred in most of the UK and Canadian Universities. Many Universities also gives an option to take either of them, so one has to research the University requirements by going through the University’s official website as different universities may have different requirements.

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Last but not the least, Colleges/Universities in the US generally expect students to take AP classes during their high school years. Since the courses might be a bit harder, the marks obtained in these AP tests show their college readiness and capability of scoring well in the harder course since high school. The tests are available for many subjects.

AP courses are generally a part of US high school curriculum, It is not necessary to take these tests as an International Students as many schools around the world don’t have AP courses available in their school. One studying in such school where their school doesn’t have AP courses can take them Privately. AP Exams gives college credits and boosts one’s application. Student can also take SAT Subject Tests.


This ends to the list of the exams required to study in US.  These were the Exams that are generally asked by most of the US Universities. Requirements of these Exams may vary from college to college, some require either of these some don’t so GO check out the University’s website you’re wishing to apply for the requirements.

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