Arun Sharma quantitative aptitude pdf free Download (Latest Edition)

Dear readers, We are here to provide you with a free download link for the Arun Sharma Quantitative Aptitude pdf.

Quantitative aptitude is considered the most important and difficult section of competitive exams. Arun Sharma Quantitative aptitude pdf can help you with all your math problems (pun intended). For all of you out there preparing for management exams, especially those ‘engineers’ who wish to attend CAT, this book would be the best thing you can have.

Therefore, it is important to have something or someone to guide you through the important stuff. It is well and good if you find a friend willing to help but it’s unrealistic. You could attend coaching, but it could be tedious. And it was expensive. For someone looking for a cheaper and more reliable alternative, he/she could turn towards alternate options.

Especially towards the millions upon millions of guidebooks available in the market. But then which one to buy? Having the right choice of books is as important as having the right teachers to guide you along the way, which is why we recommend Arun Sharma Quantitative analysis as one of the best choices for students looking for something to help you pass that CAT.

How to Prepare for Quantitative Aptitude for the CAT

Nobody who is serious about their upcoming CAT exams can say they’ve never heard the name Arun Sharma quantitative aptitude book. It has become one of the most reliable and trustworthy sources of guidance for those students working as hard as they can to crack the CAT exams.

It is always difficult to pick up where you left off, especially after a couple of years as a student. Right after the day of the exam if it were me. Especially for a subject as complicated as math, it could be quite the task.

The Arun Sharma Quantitative aptitude helps you pick up right where you left off with minimal confusion. Especially because for an exam like CAT, where millions of students appear for the exams after completing graduation, it is a given that there will be a considerable number of students who left math right after their 12th board exams.

Arun Sharma quantitative aptitude pdf
Arun Sharma quantitative aptitude pdf

Why is Arun Sharma Quantitative aptitude pdf?

Simply put, the book has everything a student could ask for. Chapter-wise analysis of each topic, sample questions for each topic separate along with the answers, and a slew of practice test papers in the end. That means that you will not need any other book if you have this one in your possession (realistically, it would be helpful for you to use multiple books for your preparations).

The book is crated so that even the weakest of math students and the strongest can read and understand the contents of this book. It mixes the right amount of challenge with a sprinkle of spoon-feeding content.

Namely, the book is divided into 19 chapters with each of the chapters having sample questions and exercises with answer keys in the end. It also has model question papers and sample question papers to help you have the edge over your competition (but you are not allowed to ask, “what if everyone had this book?”).

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 Benefits of This Pdf

The name Arun Sharma has been synonymous with success over the past few years. One does not earn such a reputation by doing anything. It is because his books have helped thousands if not millions of students to get into their favourite institute.

The book has remained a juggernaut among the Quantitative Aptitude guides and a student favourite. It is said that every student appearing for the CAT has this book to help with their efforts. It would really be a shame to not have this book and miss out on the opportunity to get into your dream institution (just saying).

The book is completely updated with all the latest question papers you’ll need to study in order to succeed. It also contains a lot of shortcut methods to help you cut out as much time as possible.

But if you still need some convincing, I would ask you to see for yourself. It doesn’t cost you a penny to download the free pdf version. And find out yourself if the author has any truth in his words.

arun sharma quantitative aptitude pdf google drive link

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Pdf Detail

Book Name How to Prepare for QUANTITATIVE APTITUDE for CAT
Author Name Arun Sharma
Publisher Name McGraw Hill Education
Chapters Written Above
No. of Pages 920
Size 22 MB
Format PDF

Content In Arun Sharma Quantitative Aptitude Book Pdf

Lesson 1: Additions And Subtractions (As An Extension Of Additions)
Chapter 2: Multiplications
Lesson 3: Divisions, Percentage Calculations And Ratio Comparisons
Chapter 4: Squares And Cubes Of Numbers

Chapter I Numbers

1. Number System
2. Progressions

Chapter II Averages And Mixtures

3. Averages
4. Alligations

Chapter III Arithmetic And Word-Based Problems

5. Percentages
6. Profit & Loss
7. Interest
8. Ratio, Proportion And Variation
9. Time And Work
10. Time, Speed And Distance

Chapter IV Geometry

11. Geometry And Mensuration
12. Coordinate Geometry

Chapter V Algebra

13. Functions
14. Inequalities
15. Quadratic And Other Equations
16. Logarithms

Chapter VI Counting

17. Permutations And Combinations
18. Probability
19. Set Theory

Arun Sharma Quantitative aptitude pdf Download Link

To make math easy, there is no shortcut. But to help you make math easy, there is Arun Sharma quantitative aptitude downloadable in pdf format with this article. Be it in preparation for CAT, or SSC, or CGL, or CHSL, or MTS, or CTET, or Police exams, Defense exams, Railway exams or Bank or Financial exams or any other exams, even if you are a math enthusiast trying to expand your knowledge, this book is surely going to be of use to you.

Click Here to Download Arun Sharma Quantitative aptitude pdf

It explains all the topics in a very concise and simple manner. The matter of the book is very simple and comprehensive. Everything written is based on fact and it’s absolutely concrete. Arun Sharma Quantitative Aptitude pdf is an amazon bestseller. It is one of the best and most popular books to refer to when one is trying to clear out any kind of entrance and competitive exams.

As you all know, with changing times the complexity of questions have been increasing quite steeply so in these times, clearance of topics is of the utmost importance which Arun Sharma Quantitative Aptitude is more than capable of achieving. Everything written is based on fact and it’s absolutely concrete. One thing is for sure, you will not find any difficulty in understanding any sort of topic. The book covers all the possible subjects or topics you’ll need to clear out your competitive or any kind of entrance exams in a clear and concise manner.


For the CAT exam, Arun Sharma quantitative aptitude pdf is one of the best books. To start your preparation right now, download the Arun Sharma quantitative aptitude book pdf from the link provided. Arun Sharma Quantitative Aptitude Book can be purchased online or offline.

We hope you find this article helpful. Feel free to leave a comment below on how we could improve our content for you.

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