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Word Power Made Easy by Norman Lewis

Norman Lewis was an author who wrote the book Word power made easy. He was born on 30 December 1912. He is an American. He completed his studies in the city college of New York. He is not only an author and he is a grammarian, lexicographer, and etymologist. He died on 8 September 2006.

Word power made easy book is a comprehensive vocabulary building system written by Norman Lewis. This book provides a simple and step-by-step method to increase knowledge and mastery in the English language. This book is important for competitive exams also.


To improve our vocabulary we should do the following methods

  • Learn a new word every day
  • Use word immediately when you learn it
  • Read daily
  • Look up words you don’t know
  • Keep a journal
  • Do word puzzles
  • Use mnemonics
  • Make your vocabulary tests

and there are so many ways to improve and develop English vocabulary.

In this, there are three parts

  • Part 1:Getting off to a good start
  1. How to test your present vocabulary :

Students can check their vocabulary improvement in the form of average, below average, above average, excellent, verbal speed, etc

2. How  to start building your vocabulary:

Building your vocabulary by increasing your thinking, self-assurance in speaking and writing, and your better understanding of the world by yourself. It is useful to recapture the sentence “Powerful urge to learn”.

3. How to talk about personality types :

When you are supposed to describe all kinds and sorts of people then include terms like self-interest, reactions to the world, hatred of man and also of woman, and marriage.

4. How to talk about doctors :

Words related to medical specialists and specialties.Terms for experts in disorders of the female organs; heart ailments; skeletal deformities; disorders of the nerves; and personality.

5. How to talk about various practitioners :

Words that describe a variety of professions, including those dealing with the human mind; handwriting; teeth; aging, etc

6. How to talk about science and scientists :

Words that describe students of human development of the heavens, of the earth, of animal and plant life, of words and language, of social organization, etc

7. How to talk about liars and lying:

Words that accurately label different types of liars and lying .terms relate to fame, artistry, reform, heredity, time, place, suffering, etc.

8.How to check your progress

  • Part 2:Gaining increased momentum

1. How to talk about actions:

verbs that accurately describe important human activities.

2. How to talk about various speech habits :

Words that explore in-depth all degrees and kinds of talk and silence.

3. How to insult your enemies :

Terms for describing a disciplinarian, toady, dabbler, provocative, woman, flag-waver, the murder of all sorts, freethinker, etc

4. How to flatter your friends :

For describing friends’ terms like energy, honesty, mental keenness, charm, etc. Excursions into expressions words that refer to ways of eating and drinking, believing, disbelieving, looking, and seeing, facing the present, past, and future.

5.How to check your progress

  • Part 3: Finishing with a feeling of complete success

1. How to talk about common phenomenon and occurrence:

Words for poverty and wealth, direct and indirect emotions, banter, homesickness, etc

2.How to talk about what goes on

3.How to talk about a variety of personal characteristics

4.How to check your progress

5.How to check your standing as an amateur etymologist

6.How to keep building your vocabulary

Word Power Made Easy By Norman Lewis Download pdf

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